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The legend of the Bluegrass Eagle

The origin of the legend of the Bluegrass Eagle has been lost in the passage of time. It is said that the Bluegrass Eagle won the "Thousand Worlds War" long before man mastered the creation of fire. Possessing supernatural powers, it could transform its plumage into an impenetrable carapace. Its spirit, noble and free, has inspired our range of helmets and protective gear.

This video was filmed in Saint-Etienne last December during the "Trophée des Nations" where Shanaze completed her first competition since the Olympics. In this exclusive interview she talks in depth about her relation with the sport of BMX. Shanaze joined the Bluegrass Factory Team three years ago and she is actively taking part in the development of the Bluegrass range of helmets and protective gears.

The Bluegrass Enduro Tour series will offer not one but two competitions in 2013!
The "Classique" made of three events will offer the traditional Bluegrass Enduro Tour series format that proved so successful in the last few years. All events located in the North-east of France. The "International" made of four events will offer a whole week-end of racing, with prologue on Saturday and race on Sunday, and will take us to some great locations throughout Europe.