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  • Carry Freedom City Trailer

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Nimble & visible, this bicycle trailer follows you anywhere Perfectly designed as a bicycle trailer the City fits any bike and lets you forget your burden.

Hitching at your bikes axle isolates the trailer from the bikes twisting and turning, making the load feel lighter than if it were in panniers.
The height adjustable handle always keeps your trailer level, while its elastomer cushions your luggage.

Carry outsize loads like folding bike suitcases on top of the frame. Or rest boxes on the empty bag inside the frame.

• Weight: 5kg
• Capacity: 45g/70litres
• Box Capacity: 600mmx400mm
• Frame: 6064T6 Alluminium
• Wheels 122x2.25 Kenda tyres
• Track width 600mm
• Bag: 400 Denier PU coated Nylon
• Dimensions: 350mm x 650mm x1250mm
• Fold Dimensions: 100mm x 510mm x 730mm (37.2litres)
Rated 3.6 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Smart...BUT Ordered from CH...quick delivery...arrived on a Friday just before heading out for a weekend of biking..prefect..read instructions...no problems...packed up..looking good...nice feel in the hands...went to install hanger and connect to bike...WHAT no hanger or connecting part..!!!!..You can imagine the language..!! Called Carry Freedom and complained where is the QC process..!! THey sais they will post it out immediately..(no good for me) So I cannot comment on what it is like to actually have on your bike..so will award a 3.5 only due to the lack of part..actual product would be a 4.5... 05 June 2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Innovative trailer and hitch that does the job but minor irr Reason for purchase: Two old folk working through their “bucket list “ – this one, Europe top to bottom 7500km First the positives. a. Excellent after sales care from Chain Reaction. b. When finally assembled and on our first trial run loaded to around 30 kilos, the city freedom trailer performed well and to expectations. c. The new innovative elastomer “Lollypop” hitch provides a very smooth link and, except when puffing uphill, it’s easy to forget the trailer is there. Trials, tribulations and minor irritations: Trailer arrived without the hitch, was fitted with Kenda tyres and not Schwalbe as advertised and 2 of the reflectors and alun screws were rattling loose in the box. I appreciate that this is may be a product with low turnover but the tyre and hitch problems have been around for a couple of years and I expected these to have been resolved. On one of the key points of assembly (the compression arm ), the instructions don’t match the diagrams leaving you pondering whether you’ve finally succumbed to alzheimers, there is a late modification to the trailer or manufacturers have assembled it incorrectly. When the hitch finally arrived I had difficulty with the fitting, not because of the tight fit, as described in the instructions, but because the holes in the polymer and the handle were not aligned. Turn down zip cover on the lid is a little short around the centre section and turns up in use to expose the zip and leave depression in the lid where rain naturally gathers. The trailer does not sit centrally behind the bike but is offset slightly to one side. Living in France, that means that it projects further into the traffic than the kerb. Surprisingly, lorries gave the bike a much wider berth than normal but drivers overtaking from a moving queue of traffic, who may have had more difficulty seeing the trailer, were less considerate! I will buy a telescopic flag to ensure it’s more visible but perhaps it should be included. Yes, I know, I’m grumpy and all the issues are easily solved, but with a premium product at a premium price, these problems are best sorted in the factory and not by the purchaser and retailer. Having said all that, I’m buying a second one. 4 stars this time. 5 stars if the second one arrives as described in the advert and ready to use! 5+ if it survives the trip! 05 November 2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by Hello John Thank you for your post and comments contained therein. I would be interested to hear the outcome of your contact with Carry Freedom. Looking at the picture on CRC it does look like they are now showing the trailer with the new hitch but there seems to be no mention on Carry Freedoms website! Whatever you decide, I wish you many happy and safe years cycling with the City. Regards, Ian P.S. Amie ...... provided the hitch is sorted, I have no reservations about the City trailer and would say 'Go For It!' ... I hope with the advice/experiences John & I have given here, you should be in a position to make an informed choice; I wish you luck! 25 July 2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by City Trailer. Ian, after reading your response to my review and, after re-reading my comments I, at the very least owe you an apology for the personal attack to yourself and, for not keeping my comments purely directed at the City Trailer of which I am a huge fan. Please accept my regret. I am pleased you have had success with Carry Freedom with sorting out the problems you experienced and, I hope you shall now get the full benefit of the trailer as I have. As you suggest, I shall contact Carry Freedom with regard to the newly designed hitch with a view of whether I should replace also. Regard, John. 23 July 2008
Rated 3 out of 5 by Thank you Ian for an excellent report and witty response to John's quite personal comments! It does get a little tetchy here sometimes! I am thinking of buying a trailer and had shortlisted this one. Following your findings about the hitch and how the design has been changed, I think I will still go for it but ONLY if it has the new style hitch. John, thank you for your comments which have also been helpful and balanced things! I would though, if I was you, seriously consider WHY Carry Freedom have changed the design! 23 July 2008
Rated 3 out of 5 by In response Thank you John for your kind comments. In my second post, I did not at any time suggest that the bag was marketed as Waterproof. If you look at the description on CRC, there is no mention of the bag being waterproof, showerproof ar anythingproof! .... someone considering buying this trailer might want to know this information .... yes, it is written in the manual but this is a bit late after you've purchased it! I treated the bag with waterseal but the problem lies with the stitching, NOT the material used! I got caught in a rain storm where the water layed on the top and slowly seeped through the stitching ... a simple rucksac carrier from Millets £5.00 sorted the problem .... again I thought a useful tip for someone considering buying this trailer! As for the hitch being "very positive and, coupled with a failsafe 'shaft pin' to secure the trailer to the bike there is no way the two could ever seperate" .... if you had read my post, you would have realised WHAT part had actually failed ...... it had nothing to do with the shaft pin at all; it was the small bolt that 'sandwiches' the yellow elastomer washer between the two metal parts of the universal joint. The shaft pin and half of the universal joint were still attached to bike when the bolt fell off! As for a safety strap, I think it was a case of 'once bitten, twice shy' .... a sort of belt and braces approach to it not happening again. Losing your trailer at 0700hrs in the morning on a busy commute is NO laughing matter! Oh, BTW, I bought the safety strap from Burley who use them on their trailers! Since my last post, I have now received some spare parts from Carry Freedom including ..... guess what? ........ a newly designed hitch!!! The hitch is now a ball & socket arrangement with a safety strap!!!! Oh, I also received 2x Schwalbe City Jet tyres as it is still marketed as having! Sure the Kenda tyres are 'fit for purpose'..... I never said they were not ...... but they're not what I thought I was getting! I have received an apology from Carry Freedom regarding the service I received and I am prepared to accept that this could have been a one-off incident for me. I know I am not alone in my experiences of the hitch failing. The fact that Carry Freedom have changed the hitch design seems to substantiate my thoughts. I would like to point out John that I simply recorded my experiences for others to decide for themselves as I respect your right to your views on the trailer. Your insinuation that I do not read instructions is just a personal attack on me and your other comments about me being the "sort of chap who may not be happy in heaven" is just plain offensive ..... may I respectfully suggest that you write about your findings on the product and not about me! As a fellow cyclist, I would not wish any harm to come to anyone using this trailer (or the Y-Frame which uses the same hitch) and I felt it both my responsibility and my right to post my findings on this product. John ........ I would urge you to consider contacting Carry Freedom for a new-style hitch....... surely you must now be thinking WHY they have changed it? I hope you do but I guess you would not report back! 4000 miles either proves that there is nothing wrong with the original hitch design and myself and others have been unlucky, ...... or you've been very fortunate up to now! ........ YOU decide!!!!!! I have 'upped' my rating to a 3 because of Carry Freedom's willingness to send me a newly designed hitch ..... that's not being too unhappy!! I still think the black plastic guards are flimsy (Carry Freedom also sent me a few of these!) but provided it has the new hitch, and the trailer comes with the correct tyres as described, I believe this is a good trailer and most of my 'sad' comments can be dismissed! There John ..... I've had my say and hopefully I have not offended you or anyone else ... but even though I feel I have done the right thing here, I probably won't stand an earthly of going to heaven anyway! 22 July 2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by Freedom City A follow up to my comments above; My reasoning for rating the City at 4 and not 5 stars is all down to the bag being showerproof and not waterproof but, so easily remedied using "Thompsons" My experience of 'After sales' service is quite excellent, I needed extra 'hitches' which were sent the following day from Carry Freedom at no charge to me whatsoever. What you get for your money is a well built cycle trailer of aluminium with stainless steel fittings which will last your lifetime. To Quote Ian............."You Decide" 01 July 2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by Carry Freedom City. After reading Ian's review, some people may avoid buying this trailer which would be a shame. I purchased one nearly 3 years ago and since covered around 4000 miles without any problems, which of course means that the 'Kenda' tyres are fit for purpose! and mine still have plenty of tread left. As for the comment Ian made regarding the City trailer "detaching itself from the bike whilst riding" How on earth can this be possible Ian? The hitch is very positive and, coupled with a failsafe 'shaft pin' to secure the trailer to the bike there is no way the two could ever seperate. And you talk about a "safety strap" Makes me wonder whether you read the instructions at all. And, if you did, you would also find that the bag is at best showerproof with no mention of it being "Waterproof" But, what did you do? You went out and bought a "Rucksac rain cover" The rest of us use 'Thompsons water seal' or similer to waterproof our rucksacks, panniers etc. I see you also have a problem with fraying to the bag "caused by rubbing on the bottom bar mechanism" I shall check mine to see if I too have the same problem,.............................Nope! All is as it should be, even the "black flimsy plastic guards" as you put it, are undamaged after 4000 miles. Finally you mention the trailer being "Flimsy built in places" My guess here is, you are talking about the trailer being assembled at your home. I hope you get back to read what I have to say regarding the excellent City trailer and your sad comments and, to those who decided not to purchase one because of Ian's negative views to think again. Without being too unkind to you Ian, you seem the sort of chap who may not be happy in heaven. 26 June 2008
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