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  • Five Ten Karver Freerider MTB Shoes 2013
  • Five Ten Karver Freerider MTB Shoes 2013

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Five Ten Karver Freerider MTB Shoes

This shoe is built for punk rock downhillers like Chris Kovarik who like to pin it in all conditions. The Five Ten Karver provides mid-height ankle support with moderate padding for comfort and control. The supportive action leather uppers and lace covers offer protection from the elements, and the Stealth® S1™ outsoles are maybe the stickiest interface between pedals and feet available. 

Stealth® originally set out to develop a rubber that would actually improve climbing by increasing the amount of body weight rubber could bear before its bond broke away from steep rock faces. After several years of research and experimentation, Stealth® rubber was born. Stealth’s® unparalleled success in the climbing world made other athletes take note. The demand for other Stealth® sport applications was so high that Charles Cole returned to the lab to develop additional sport-specific formulas. The development of a new formula involves years of field-testing, with some of the worlds’ best athletes using these sport-specific compounds in applications from water and snow to rock and trail. Each of the rubbers in the Stealth® family is specially formulated to excel in specific conditions, but they all share Stealth’s® unique blend of high friction and shock absorption. The difference between Stealth® and other brands on the market is obvious. Quite simply, Stealth® maybe provides the best friction on earth. 

Stealth® S1 is the ideal compound for hiking and mountain biking shoes because it absorbs far more shock than traditional rubber outsoles. The high friction rubber is also designed for durability.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by dont leave peddles evemn in muddy conditions they feel well planted been out on a muddy ride didn't slip or slide even when going down steps full of mud 24 February 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good but i would not reccomend for trailbuilders or 'Hike a bike' rides These are pretty decent grip wise, I cant speak for the rest of other 5 10's, but im sure they are the same. The stealth sole's provide brilliant grip and keep you sure footed, I like to shuffle my feet about depending on what im doing, climbing, descending etc, sometimes its a struggle to shuffle my feet the grip is that good. I found the Karvers rather bulky (compared to my shimano AM's# but they are secure and well padded. They do resist the water for a short time. Once they become water logged they are pretty heafty if that bothers you. I tend to build my own trails through the woods with friends and when hiking these get really waterlogged and take a good couple days to dry out using news paper and a radiator, otherwise they take longer to dry. I did find that after the third time the sole started to peel on the tow guard. I also found them not as easy to walk in or as sure footed over terrain compared to the shimano AM #flats) to sum it up, great for riding, great for DH, not really an all day type of shoe. 20 February 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing grip and comfort, feet stay dry no matter what Somebody said that if you are a mountain biker and have never used five tens you need to have your head checked. Having ridden in Karvers for the past week I concur - these shoes are super comfortable, grip the pedals as if held by nails, protect the ankles well and keep your feet dry. (Even if the rest of you is soaking.) Mind you, they are not cheap, so I hope they will last! 16 February 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Calzado excelente para el invierno La suela es alucinante y en conjunto son unas buenas botas para all monta in y enduro...preferiblemente para invierno y climas fríos...son fáciles de limpiar y aguantan muy bien los impactos a la vez q te ofrecen una máxima protección...muy recomendables...no transpiran prácticamente nada... 14 February 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Say goodbye to wet feet and pedal slip I use these shoes when commuting to work, out at the trails and even just popping down to the shop as they let you forget about any single problem that could be cause from loss of grip.. (providing the pins on your pedals are up to the challenge) Great quality product for UK weather. As the over-lace flap stops 95% of water entering the shoes even if you splash through puddles.. i had a pair of skate trainers that would full with water when the rain got in from dripping down my waterproofs! this is no longer the case, i went for a ride the other night it the wind and heavy rain.. rode for about an hour and a half and my feet were only ever so slightly DAMP near the ankles.. The best grip i've ever left (inspires confidence) *i use Crank Brothers 50/50 2 flatties* the stealth rubber does exactly what it is supposed to.. no ifs or buts.. Nice and snug fit. although sometimes i get a tingling feeling in my toes as they seem to be snugged up a little too close together Protected inner ankles. a clever little add on ot these shoes is the offer great protection from crashes.. they are strong and up for anything you can throw at them Firm sole for brilliant power transfer 04 February 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by great grip, poor quality for the price nothing compares to the grip of a set of five-tens on a flat pedal. and solely for that reason i will buy them time and time again. however I feel for the price five-ten could do something about the quality of the shoe. Specifically the mid-sole being made out of compressed cardboard. come on!!!!! the majority of users will be using this shoe in manky conditions at some point in the season, possibly for months on end. i have bought a pair every year since they came out I reckon i am on about pair ten now and just bought new replacements. if you ride as much as i do (6-10 hrs a week) just don't expect the shoe to see its first birthday. 19 January 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by ottime scarpe ma... le karver sono molto protettive e riescono anche a proteggere dall'acqua/fango sollevato dalle ruote,più volte ho impattato su oggetti come rocce o radici fisse e mi hanno sempre protetto al meglio! l'unico appunto da fare è che io con i miei pedali flat della Answer,che hanno pin bassi e tozzi, non stanno "incollate" come su altri pedali! per alcuni è meglio e per altri peggio... in ogni caso comprare queste scarpe è sempre un'ottimo affare! ;) 30 December 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Grips like nothing I have ever used I bought these from Leisure Lakes as chain reaction didn't have my size. I love these I totally love them I have never known anything grip so amazing on my Flats. The only small issue I have is your feet sweat a bit in them I bought them for winter and so far they are doing a great job of keeping the cold out and most of the water but my socks are wet at the end of the day maybe my feet sweat more than others I don't know. I would not say they would be great in summer for that fact. As protection goes again spot on my inside ankle is well protected and your feet overall feel protected I have had a few bashes already in them and they stand up to giving them stick. I will be buying the 510 summer ones for sure next year 05 November 2013
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