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  • Lezyne Road Drive Mini Pump
  • Lezyne Road Drive Mini Pump
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Lezyne Road Drive Mini Hand Pump

A HP hand pump made entirely of aluminium for precise and lightweight construction. The barrel, handle, piston, end caps, and frame pump mount are all custom CNC-machined. The HP design makes this a frame pump replacement, inflating tires to riding pressure with 20% fewer strokes compared to conventional hand pumps. Comes equipped with ABS Speed Flex Hose.


  • Dimensions: 216mm (M), 283mm (L)
  • Weight: 82g, (M) 96g (L)
  • Max Psi: 160psi, 11bar
  • Speed Flex Hose: Reversible, Presta only threaded and Slip-Fit System hose for fast valve engagement. Features ABS in a flexible design that stows inside pump handle when not in use.
  • Air Bleed System (ABS): When using Presta valves, pressing the ABS button releases air back pressure in the pump hose making it easy to remove the Flex Hose or Flip-Thread Chuck from the valve. ABS eliminates the challenge of unthreading removable Presta valve cores after inflation. When using Schrader valves, press the ABS button to adjust tire pressure.
  • Aluminuim Construction: Aluminium is a lightweight, durable material used for handles, barrels, pistons, and various other pump components.
  • Pump Bracket: All hand pumps include a frame mountable pump bracket for easy storage while riding.
  • CNC Machined: Custom CNC-machined aluminum parts for precise and durable construction.

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  • Colour: White, Silver, Black
  • Option: Medium Flex Hose, Large Flex Hose
  • Valve: Presta
Rated 3.2 out of 5 by 18 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Красиво смотрится на классических велосипедах) Ну что я могу сказать.. Качает, нареканий нет. Лаконичный, практичный дизайн, греется (корпус алюминиевый).. 01 September 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Хороший насос, надеюсь не сломается... Использую исключительно для нештатных ситуаций- проколов. По диаметру отлично влез в карбоновый подседельный штырь, там и ездит- только с концов надел кольца из старых камер чтоб не грохотал . Уже выручал 2 раза. По сравнению с дешевыми маленькими насосами- качает легко и можно накачать до приличного давления. Надеюсь хватит больше чем на 6 раз как тут в отзывах... А так насос отличный. 02 June 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by So far a great pump I'm not sure how this pump could unscrew the presta core because all it is a rubber seal, there is no notch mechanism to grab the core and unscrew it, unless the reviewer didn't tighten the core properly after removing it for some reason. Also there is no way the air hose if screwed on properly to the presta valve will just come off, nor does it close the valve, that's ridiculas because as you screw the air hose on it automatically opens the valve. Some people don't know how to properly work a mini pump that uses a hose, very first thing you do is to makes sure the nut thing on the end of the presta valve is unscrewed then gently push it in to make sure it's moving freely so air can go in, then you attach the hose to the valve WITHOUT the pump attached to the other end, then you screw the pump onto the hose. As far as the piston coming out of the shaft, I guess that's possible, but so far after a year and about 6 times using it I haven't had that happen, but believe me if I do I'll be mad and will report it. This pump is one of the very few mini pumps on the market that can actually hit 120 psi and do so fairly easily. I would not recommend the smallest size because you'll have to put in at least 33% more strokes then the medium size and it will get a lot harder to get to 120 psi or so. I would recommend nothing smaller than the medium size if you want a smaller sized pump, otherwise if you want the easiest pump to use get the largest one. I have the medium size and for me I can handle it fine but for some the larger will be better. The reason I gave it only a good for value rating is because I think it's overpriced, I got mine on sale but the retail price I would have never paid. Also there is a small plastic ring that keeps slipping so I have to keep pushing that thing back on correctly. And the other minor issue is the little rubber end caps have rings that slip around the pumps built in ring holders and sometimes they come off but only while using it, they can't come off while riding. I think Lezyne needs to do some minor revisions in order to make this a great pump...and "maybe" a revision to prevent the pump from coming apart if that is really an issue which is why I gave it a good rating in the quality box. But it is the best looking pump on the market plus they come in 3 different colors to suit most riders attention to looks; and it is so far the best mini pump, despite it's minor flaws I spoke of that I've used so far, mostly because it will get up to 120 psi with relative ease while all others I've used are lucky to get to 85 with a major struggle even though they claim 160, thus I gave it an excellent overall rating due to that one and very important reason. 26 May 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Pump came apart This pump broke after only being used about 5 or 6 times. The piston came completely out of the cylinder and could not be reassembled. Not what you'd expect from such a great looking product which appears to be well made. 06 May 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Well build product with a few fatal design flaws After a year of use, the pump now keeps unscrewing my valve cores despite me using the bleeding valve. Managed to go back home after 3 attempts today following a puncture but only at 3 bars. Not fun, not good enough when u need reliable equipment that will not let u stranded. 06 April 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Broke within 2 years and 6 uses This pump bailed me out of trouble less than 6 times over the 2 years I owned it. Then it broke in half, the pump handle coming apart from the cylinder during use. When it worked for me I liked the flex hose feature a lot, especially when dealing with a short valve that a clamp system won't work with too well, although it was still finicky at times needing extra care to screw it on perfectly for a good seal without damaging the presta valve. I could pump up my road tire to 110 psi but the slim design makes that a slow and strenuous process, as there is only so much air going in with each pump and pressures are high - the price you pay for a light weight pump that will fill a road tire with such high pressure. It was a sexy little pump for sure. More expensive cycling junk unfortunately. 2 year warranty is pretty unimpressive for such an expensive hand pump that is only going to be used a few times. Really disappointed with the product's durability, otherwise I'd buy it again and recommend it to everyone I ride with. 17 March 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Wery light, reliable and easy pump I bought this pump yesterday and test it with my tyres. It connects to schrader nipple very tough and reliable. Easy to pump up without air losses. Doesn't damage nipple because of tube connection. Small size and light size. The price is reasonable for that quality. I expect good support from it for 2-3 years active use. Just worry a bit to use it in frost below -15C in Saint-Petersburg in winter. 16 November 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Beautifully constructed but completely useless as a pump. This is by far the worst pump I have ever owned. It does not work with my tube, it is a nightmare to get onto the valve, it comes off whilst using it, it bends the valve if you push it on as the instructions suggest and also lets out all the air that is in the tyre to start with. I tried screwing it on and it closed the valve as I turned it or removed the valve inner if turned the other way. The pump is well constructed and looks fabulous. This is the first time I have written a review but I feel that strongly about this pump I felt I had to. 03 September 2013
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