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Manitou Shock Bushes-Hardware - 8mm

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20.0mm x 8.0mm
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23.0mm x 8.0mm
24.0mm x 8.0mm
24.2mm x 8.0mm
25.0mm x 8.0mm
25.4mm x 8.0mm
26.0mm x 8.0mm
27.4mm x 8.0mm
27.9mm x 8.0mm
28.0mm x 8.0mm
28.2mm x 8.0mm
30.0mm x 8.0mm
31.8mm x 8.0mm
32.0mm x 8.0mm
32.4mm x 8.0mm
33.0mm x 8.0mm
34.0mm x 8.0mm
35.0mm x 8.0mm
35.6mm x 8.0mm
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36.8mm x 8.0mm
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39.6mm x 8.0mm
39.8mm x 8.0mm
40.0mm x 8.0mm
41.0mm x 8.0mm
41.1mm x 8.0mm
41.2mm x 8.0mm
41.4mm x 8.0mm
41.5mm x 8.0mm
41.8mm x 8.0mm
42.0mm x 8.0mm
42.2mm x 8.0mm
42.5mm x 8.0mm -
44.0mm x 8.0mm
46.0mm x 8.0mm
47.0mm x 8.0mm
47.5mm x 8.0mm
48.0mm x 8.0mm
50.0mm x 8.0mm
50.8mm x 8.0mm
51.0mm x 8.0mm
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Manitou Shock Bushes/Hardware - 8mm

Manitou spare Shock bushes and hardware


  • Bolt hole: 8mm.
  • Eyelet: 12mm.
  • Available in various widths.
  • Weight: 5g (21.8mm), 11g (34mm), 32g (50mm).

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  • Option: 39.8mm x 8.0mm, 40.0mm x 8.0mm, 39.6mm x 8.0mm, 42.0mm x 8.0mm, 41.5mm x 8.0mm, 41.8mm x 8.0mm, 41.2mm x 8.0mm, 41.4mm x 8.0mm, 41.0mm x 8.0mm, 41.1mm x 8.0mm, 22.2mm x 8.0mm, 37.9mm x 8.0mm, 42.2mm x 8.0mm, 22.0mm x 8.0mm, 42.5mm x 8.0mm -, 24.0mm x 8.0mm, 44.0mm x 8.0mm, 65.0mm x 8.0mm, 23.0mm x 8.0mm, 20.0mm x 8.0mm, 57.0mm x 8.0mm, 56.0mm x 8.0mm, 21.8mm x 8.0mm, 54.0mm x 8.0mm, 21.0mm x 8.0mm, 50.0mm x 8.0mm, 53.0mm x 8.0mm, 50.8mm x 8.0mm, 52.0mm x 8.0mm, 51.3mm x 8.0mm, 47.5mm x 8.0mm, 51.0mm x 8.0mm, 46.0mm x 8.0mm, 47.0mm x 8.0mm, 48.0mm x 8.0mm, 25.0mm x 8.0mm, 24.2mm x 8.0mm, 66.0mm x 8.0mm, 60.0mm x 8.0mm, 25.4mm x 8.0mm, 27.9mm x 8.0mm, 28.0mm x 8.0mm, 26.0mm x 8.0mm, 27.4mm x 8.0mm, 31.8mm x 8.0mm, 32.0mm x 8.0mm, 28.2mm x 8.0mm, 30.0mm x 8.0mm, 32.4mm x 8.0mm, 33.0mm x 8.0mm, 34.0mm x 8.0mm, 35.0mm x 8.0mm, 35.6mm x 8.0mm, 36.0mm x 8.0mm, 36.8mm x 8.0mm, 37.4mm x 8.0mm, 38.1mm x 8.0mm