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Powerball Hand Held Neon Regular Gyroscope

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Powerball Hand Held Neon Classic Gyroscope

Loaded with a high performance 250Hz rotor, Neon models have an added feature of 6 inbuilt ultrabrite LEDs which glow brightly once the NSD Power®Ball is spinning.

There are no batteries required (other than those for the counter) - that surreal glow which engulfs your hand during use is generated by a small induction coil also present on the rotor - the faster you spin, the brighter it glows!

All Neon balls are available with an inbuilt digital counter (termed: Neon Pro) or without (termed: Neon Classic)

Best of all, the Neons are ultra desirable - just take a look at that delicious image of the Neon Green Pro in action! In fact, with a single glance, you'll be hooked.. who wouldn't want one..


• Shell Colours/Rotor LEDs: Blue or Green
• Product weight: 278g
• Supplied with: 2 starting chords, instructions,
• Warranty: Manufacturers lifetime warranty on all parts
• A safe, effective way to strengthen hands, wrists, arms & fingers
• Perfect for increasing handlebar grip strength, musical dexterity or even relieving RSI and arthritic conditions!

Sports that benefit from the Powerball:

• Golf, Tennis, Squash
• All forms of Biking!
• Any sport that requires upper arm strength