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  • Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Evolution Winter MTB Tyre
  • Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Evolution Winter MTB Tyre
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Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Evolution Winter Tyre

Lighter, grippier, faster. The turbo of spike tyres, with 361 spikes it bites firmly into icy roads, the tungsten carbide core of each spike is clad in weight-saving aluminium. In order to ensure that spikes are permanently fixed, tyres should be run in for about 40km on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking. 


  • Size: 26 x 2.10 / 26 x 2.35
  • ETRTO: 54-559 / 60-559
  • Version: TL Ready
  • Compound: WINTER 361 SPKS 
  • Bar: 2,0-4,0 / 1,6-3,5
  • PSI: 35-55 / 23-50
  • Weight: 695g / 850 g
  • EPI: 67

Buy Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Evolution Winter Tyre from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Folding Bead
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Width: 2.35", 2.1"
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 29 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by all around good Reccomend it, the tyre is good for almost all winter conditions (not taking into consideration extreme weather and extreme locations such as mountains), good for icy and snowy conditions, keeping in mind that on pure ice the spikes length is not enough. Tested at minus 15-20 degrees. 29 May 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by рассмотрим швальбе проходимость заметно лучше в сравнении с нокиан 294 экстрим 2,1 ввиду ширины взял 2,3 на льду проигрывает той же нокиан при попытке положить вел на бок хотя рядов и шипов на швальбе больше наверно сказывается то что на нокиан действительно незамерзающая резина опять таки качество нокиан её надёжность выше, в целом резиной доволен, но надо где-то прикупить запасных шипов,может кто посоветует? 21 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Устойчиво держат на льду Отлично держат велосипед как на льду, так и на снегу. Ездил по 15-ти сантиметровым сугробам и заледенелым дорогам - устойчивость отличная. На асфальте и брусчатке так же держат сцепление отлично. Достаточно легкие - после грязевой резины ездить гораздо легче. Одеваются на обод сравнительно легко, важно только потом выровнять по инструкции, чтобы не было биений. Так же важно соблюдать давление - слишком низкое может привести к сильному износу корда. Рекомендую! 05 April 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Источник положительных эмоций! Приобрёл данную покрышку в декабре месяце, поэтому обкатывать пришлось уже по льду и снегу. Сейчас и асфальт, гравий и скальный камень появился в рельефе. Установил сразу на переднее колесо, на заднее Schwalbe Ice Spiker Winter MTB Tyre. За 250 км ни одного шипа не потерял (на Ice Spiker один шип вылетел уже через 500 метров, на том же переднем колесе). Ширина 2.1". Покрышка отлично себя показала на асфальте и чистом льду. А также очень уверенно держит на плотном или утрамбованном снеге. Не ожидал, что на чистом льду можно стартовать, тормозить и закладывать велосипед в повороты практически также, как и летом на полуслике по асфальту. Но пять рядов шипов позволяют это делать с полной уверенностью, что потери контроля над велосипедом не будет. Можно спокойно ехать по обледеневшей автомобильной колее, легко из неё выезжать по борту, велосипед не соскользнёт. На рыхлом снегу ведёт себя хуже, чем плохо. Рисунок протектора не позволяет стабилизировать направление движения. Постоянно требует подруливания в ту или другую сторону, чтоб просто ехать по прямой. Велосипед самопроизвольно может швырнуть в сторону или завалиться на бок. Ещё один момент - как я ни пытался, на обод Mavic XM317 Disc покрышка ровно так и не встала. 15 March 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great tire!!! Так получилось,что я купил одну покрышку и поставил ее на переднее колесо. На заднее поставил Нокиан (количество шипов чуть поменьше) и так проездил на ней всю зиму. Разница между покрышками есть: Швалбе более устойчивее на льду и легче. Очень часто выезжал в гололед - чуствовал себя как летом на дороге. Ощущения непередаваемые!!! Очень рекомендую! Зимой можно кататься!!! It so happened that I bought one tire and put it on the front wheel. Nokian put on the back (the number of spines slightly smaller) and so drive on it all winter. The difference between the tires is: Schwalb more stable and easier on the ice. Very often traveled in the ice - as felt like the summer on the road. Inexpressible feeling! I highly recommend! In winter you can ride! 11 March 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Отличная шиповка Покрышками доволен полностью. На льду просто отлично держат, можно даже наглеть и пытаться ездить как летом. На утрамбованном снеге тоже хорошо. В общем то для чего она сделана, там она и работает! Легкая! 05 March 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Can't live without them in Winter I have tried them on the several conditions with a hard tail at 45psi and 30psi. (I’m still trying them everyday…) 1. Flat ice / firmly compressed snow ★★★★★ (Photo A) 【45psi】After riding for 10 minutes, you’ll probably forget that you’re actually riding on ice or snow. They won’t give you any signs of slip or slide AT ALL (I tell you, AT ALL). It feels like just riding on the ordinary road on sunny days. No problems even when turning corners at the usual speed, as long as you don’t lean the bike fatally too much. 【30psi】Basically the same as 45psi, but the pedaling feels a little heavier as the side studs seem to be scratching the ground adequately. ( and of course, because of the dullness due to the lower pressure) 2. A little rough & bumpy ice / firmly compressed snow ★★★★☆ (Photo B) 【45psi】Still unbelievably grippy, with no signs of slip at all. But when the little bumps & dimples are too much for the suspension fork to follow each of them all, the rebound vibration may get your palms and arms, especially in the hard XC position. Anything frozen is harder than you imagine, at least harder than the trail in the summer mountain. It may depend on the setting or the kind of the suspension fork. 【30psi】Feels lots more comfortable than pumped-up stiff tyres and goes easier on the palms and arms, but the pedaling does feel a little heavier. Some people say that it’s stupid to ride with the lower pressure than 50psi or so for the sake of the designed gripping power and I half agree with it. The lower pressure lets the treads flexible, but at the same time, unstable + unsteady. That eventually seems to let the treads sway the snow or ice when they are expected to stick into it firmly to get the gripping power at the very last moment (before you actually slip and fall). This is notable especially with the slants of bumps or all those rough ruts, though it would hardly be any trouble on the firm flat surface. The comfort and the grip seem to be a trade-off in a way, under some circumstances. 3. Fresh powdery snow (about 6 inches deep) ★★★☆☆ (Photo C) 【45psi】You can go on, but it may not have to be the spike tyres, as the studs don’t seem to reach the core of the ground and it’s only the treads raking the snow. Quite easy to loose the rear traction, possibly because the treads are columnar, (well, mild hexagon) not cubic, I don’t know. I guess the thicker XC or AM tyres would also do (possibly better). 【30psi】 A little better rear traction than 45psi but, I’d rather choose the thicker MTB tyres with the larger treads, if I didn’t have to ride on ice… * I just tried them with a full-sussor the other day, and it was much better. Lots more rear traction as you imagine and easier to pedal, really. 4. Crumbly half frozen sorbet-like snow / ice (wet or dry) ★☆☆☆☆ (Photo D) It’s not a question of grip or slip, even at 3 inches depth. The tyres just sink into the crumbled snow / ice and keep sliding aside like a landslide, letting you lose the control of the front tyre’s handling. You’d better get off the bike to push it and walk. It’s not tyres’ fault, anything wouldn’t manage this sort of surface but caterpillars or something. Good riders may manage it, though it’ll be so tiring. It would take SO much concentration only on the front tyres just not to slip and fall. 5. Asphalt covered with extremely thin ice ★★☆☆☆ (Photo E) Asphalt, or any other hard and smooth materials such as the paint of zebra crossing or the steel of man holes or things like that. All right as long as you keep the bike going straight, but once you lean it a little, there will always be a risk of slip even more than that on thick ice. The ice you ride on needs to be thick enough for the studs not to reach the asphalt or anything as hard as that underneath the ice. All together, these tyres do let you ride on anything frozen just like you ride on the ordinary terrain, as long as it’s firmly frozen and thick enough. Even when the surface is a little bumpy, the side studs grab the slant of bumps or all those ruts adequately, if they’re not too much to handle (The wider handle bar will also make it lots easier to take control). You can still go on when the snow is soft and deep, although the spikes are not really working. I saw someone else the other day riding with spike tyres on ice, but he was riding quite carefully at rather lower speed, whilst I was riding like “Whiiiiz, ha ha!”. His tyres only had less than 200 studs… Simply, more studs, more grip (and more fun !) You might as well go for the better ones with more studs without a compromise, as this sort of thing could be fatal. These are not cheap but I believe they’ll surely pay you back in the long term. Highly recommended, if you want to enjoy the winter time MTB, safely. 20 January 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Хорошие покрышки для езды по льду Пользуюсь с начала сезона, стоят на бескамерных ободах Mavic Crossmax ST с герметиком Tyre Doctor. Отлично держат на льду, ездил практически по катку, по крайней мере ногами там ходить сложнее, хорошо цепляет при неглубоком слое снега, хороший грунтозацеп прилагается. 06 January 2014
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what if I dont break in tire on asphalt

Lets say I buy this tire and just ride on single track without any break in. Would I totally ruin the tire or would it just mean that I have to replace some of the studs?

Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Male
Attitude: Passionate and Obsessive
6 months ago
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This tyre requires to ran briefly on asphalt to bed the studs into the tyre; otherwise they likely will fall out or become mis-seated.
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6 months ago
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