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Body protect and care products

The Sportsbalm System Blue products are developed to care and protect after sports. Although a more cosmetic line these products were added for their functionality and quality. As are all Sportsbalm products they are tested by professional sportsmen and woman, nevertheless they are meant for everybody who goes in for a sport.

Chamois-Crème is for protecting skin cream prevents the skin against chaffing wounds and skin irritation caused by friction and perspiration during exercise. Apply before and after activity.

A protective cream, like the balm, uses strengthening and disinfecting agents such as tea tree oil, which is well known for its healing and antibacterial properties. This “skin friendly” cream protects the perineum and chaffing of the groin, but also protects the skin from irritation and bacteria.

Chamois-Cream can also be effectively applied to the feet or other areas of the body subject to friction and irritation during exercise.

• Protects and heals the skin
• Antibacterial
• Water resistant and breathable
• Cares for your skin when applied before or just after a workout or event, especially for the cyclist's buttocks, with natural active ingredients that are protective and anesthetic
• Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor