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*** Shifter includes inner cable ***

SRAM X9 10sp Trigger Shifter
Redesigned for 2014 we've upgraded materials and incorporated a Ball Bearing mechanism for smooth and reliable shifting. The most significant upgrade is our Zero-Loss Technology. Zero-Loss Tech. decreases the lever travel required to execute a shift, the rider experience a super fast and precise shift.
X9 2X10 and 3X10 shifters are Exact Actuation for SRAM 10-Speed Rear Derailleurs.
From steep, endless climbs to hair-raising, technical descents, X9 is engineered to handle whatever comes your way. Smooth, precise shifting helps you cover more ground, faster.
SRAM X9 10sp Trigger Shifter Features:
• Zero-Loss Technology
• Upgraded Materials
• Pull lever ball bearing technology used in XX and X0 shifters.
• SRAM’s 2X10 and 3X10 Exact Actuation for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
• 232 grams (2X10)
• Impulse Technology
• MatchMaker compatible
• Top cap cable change
SRAM X9 10sp Trigger Shifter Specifications:
• Compatibility: SRAM Exact Actuation® Rear Derailleurs, SRAM Double(2x), Triple Front Derailleurs
• Speeds:Rear: Exact Actuation 10-Speed Shifting
SRAM X9 10sp Trigger Shifter Technologies:
• Exact Actuation: When we launched our road technology from scratch we reapplied our MTB proven SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement) for 10 speed rear shifting. EA helps to simplify/stabilize the uneasy act of balancing rear derailleur hanger design, tight cog spacing and exact cable tension. The result: the easiest index shifting system to set up and it stays that way.
• MatchMaker Compatible: Save weight and clutter on the bar with MatchMaker. This system holds AVID® levers, a number of SRAM triggers and the RockShox PushLoc control—all with one tidy, light clamp.