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This compression bolt features a stepped Allen key hole which is 1/4” and 6mm. This allows the use of either a standard or a metric Allen key for the same bolt. The reason for this was to make adjusting the headset tension less of a hassle, since the bolt it’s replacing is usually something that requires a crescent wrench (adjustable spanner). Our bolt allows the use of just one tool whether you have a stem with 1/4” or 6mm bolts. This is all in the pursuit of having fewer tools to lug around. The Allen key hole can withstand 55 lb/ft before distorting when the tool is properly seated.

  • H14 fits ’02 to ‘06 Fly Bikes pantera fork - 12g
  • H18 fits Odyssey(’06 and earlier), We The People forks (’03 and on), Primo, Snafu, Failure (’06 and on), Macneil, Sunday morning 1 & night 1 fork - 28g


  • Stepped allen key bolt hole.
  • Lighter than the stock fork bolt.
  • They are made of 7075 aluminum because this grade is the best!
  • Our headset caps are warranted against breaking.