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    • Vittoria Cross XM Pro Cyclocross Bike Tyre

  • Vittoria Cross XM Pro Cyclocross Bike Tyre

    Fast, flexible, and flat-free No need for compromise in the close season: now you can run cross tyres with the same outstanding performance characteristics as your summer race tyres.

    Superfine casings give these cross tyres a signature silky ride, light weight for great acceleration, great puncture resistance even at low pressures, plus a competition-derived offroad tread compound.

    Part of Vittoria’s family of cross racing Cross Evo XM is for loose terrain, muddy courses.

    Same MTB World Cup-derived tread compound as other Cross Evos, but with aggressive, widelyspaced tread knobs to shed mud and grip firmly in acceleration, braking and cornering, even in the most challenging winter conditions.
    What makes a good tyre? What do riders mean by a good tyre? It rolls smoothly and quickly, rides comfortably, grips and handles well, and resists punctures. Every cyclist, from élite professional to ecominded commuter, can agree on these qualities.

    These qualities depend almost entirely on how well the tyre’s casing is made. And the most important factor here is the quality of the fabric used to make the casing.
    • We express this as TPI – threads per inch. The greater the TPI number, the higher the quality of the tyre. Why is this?
    More grip: The casing is more flexible, so more of the tyre’s surface is in contact with the Tarmac,giving better grip.
    • More comfort: Fabric with a higher TPI count is thinner and more flexible, so the tyre’s casing conforms closer to the surface the tyre is being ridden on, with less shock and smoother rolling.
    • Faster running: High TPI count means lower rolling resistance. Most of a tyre’s rolling resistance is caused by the rubber deforming. Because there is less rubber, tyres with a higher TPI count convert more of the rider’s energy into forward motion.

    Puncture/Cut Protection:
    With road racing tyres, Vittoria reaches for the skies: for the finest, fastest-rolling, most flexible, best-handling performers on the planet. But as every racer knows, to finish first, first you must finish. That’s why, in parallel with their exclusive casings and tread compounds, Vittoria develop the industry’s most advanced flat-protection technologies. Our aim is to protect the tyres against flats caused by shocks or road débris, while preserving the legendary Vittoria ‘feel’ that riders so value. This is not trivial. Every added layer, of rubber or fabric, tends to stiffen the casing and degrade its flexibility. Thanks to constant research, we have minimised these effects.

    PRB® 2.0 develops this technique, using a new higher-density aramidic fibre that’s up to 40% more resistant to cuts, yet lighter and more flexible. PRB 2.0 has proved an outstanding flat-protection system, virtually eliminating punctures among the teams who used Vittoria tubulars in the 2009 Tour de France and 2010 Parix-Roubaix.

    Nylon: Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fibre used by most manufacturers for utility tyre casings. Traditionally, it lacked the flexibility of the polycotton casings preferred by élite riders but was lighter in weight than polycotton threads. Now Vittoria has succeeded in engineering nylon yarn into an exclusive Nylon Plus 220 and 150 TPI weave, setting a new standard in each class of clincher tyres. Weight is cut by 10% over the previous best nylon casings, while road feel and rolling resistance approach closer to the top-performing polycotton open tubulars.


    • Clincher version of the Evo XM tubular,
    • Great handling and grip for the worst courses
    • Low-pressure potential especially useful in mud
    • Very light and fast-accelerating
    • Carcass: 150 tpi
    • Usage: All conditions
    • Bead Type: Clincher Folding
    • ETRTO: 32-622
    • BAR: 4/6
    • PSI: 60/90
    • Weight: 330g

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