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    • Шоссейные колеса Campagnolo Zonda C17 Disc


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  • Campagnolo Zonda C17 Disc Road Wheelset

    The Zonda C17 Disc Road Wheelset from Campagnolo is their most premium model and benefits from a lightweight and durable construction for race-ready high-performance you can count on. 

    Reliability, Performance, Integrity & Safety

    Though the wheelset has been developed at a time where there are plenty of options for road disc wheelsets in the market, there is a lack of options offering the level of reliability, integrity, performance and safety associated with Campagnolo wheels.

    Respected in Marketplace

    The Zonda™ is exceptionally well respected in the marketplace and performs over and above its competitors. The Zonda™ disc is more reactive than the rim brake version and 25g lighter than its closest competitor.

    Wheelset Includes:

    • User manual
    • “Quick Release” wheel locks 
    • 142/135 mm rear wheel conversion kit (HH12 version)


    • Asymmetric Rims Profile (26mm - 28mm) Milled Rim: This machining makes it possible to reduce the peripheral weight of the rim and makes the wheel extremely reactive
    • Spokes: G3 technology applied also to the front wheel to better perform at high braking power
    • Front Wheel Spokes: 14 spokes in stainless steel, section diameter 2/1.6/2mm (left side - braking side), 7 spokes in stainless steel, section diameter 2/1.6/2mm (right side)
    • Rear Wheel Spokes: 7 spokes in stainless steel, section diameter 2/1.6/2mm (left side - braking side), 14 spokes in stainless steel, section diameter 2/1.6/2mm (right side - cassette side)
    • Nipples: Black anodised self-locking nipples outside the rim allows for easy maintenance
    • Cup and Cone Bearings: Easy bearing adjustment that reduces possible bearing play, maintaining performances over time and keeping the optimal contact angle between ball and track
    • Adjusting Locking with Micro Setting Tech: For an accurate adjustment of the hub that prevents the creation of any play
    • 21 Spokes in Stainless Steel with Mega-G3 System: Ensures extremely good stiffness and reactivity, reinforcement on the braking side at the front and cassette side at the rear. It gives a very race design to the wheelset
    • Front Hub: Quick Release width 100mm
    • Rear Hub: Quick Release axle width 135mm
    • Weight: 1.675kg


    • MoMag™ A technology that offers several advantages to the structural integrity of the wheel as well as eliminating the need for rim tape. The name derives from “Mounting Magnet” system, shortened to MoMag™.
    • RDB - Rim Dynamic Balance: The concept is simple and elegant, balance the weight of the gasket with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side.

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    • Цвет: Черный
    • Размер: 12мм сквозная ось центральный замок, QR 6-болт, 12мм сквозная ось 6-болтов, QR - центральный замок
    • Размер Колеса: 700c
    • Опция: Трещотка Shimano
    • Скорость: 9/10/11 скоростей
  • Экономия до 32%
    РРЦ $731.49 - $778.49
    $519.49 - $642.99 519.49 642.99
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    Трещотка Shimano
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    QR 6-болт
    12мм сквозная ось 6-болтов
    12мм сквозная ось центральный замок
    QR - центральный замок
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