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Product Queries

1. How do I find out more (by’ more’ we mean technical specification, sizing, colours or just any general question!) about the product I’m looking at?

There are a couple of ways you can find out more about the product you are viewing:

Bike sizing

All our bikes have a helpful sizing chart on the right of the page.

Click in from any bike product and you will get a handy guide on how to measure yourself and then use that info to choose the best fit for you.

General product query

There is lots of great technical info in the product descriptions on every page – just check out the tabs under the product photo:.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Description or Specification check out the Questions section. In this section, other like minded customers ask questions about the product and our Technical Customer Support guys, or other customers, give answers.

If all else fails we have a great Customer Support Team who you can contact for more help.

2. A product I want to buy is ‘of stock out’ what can I do?

We are unable to accept new sign-ups to our 'email when in stock' feature. This is currently unavailable at Chain Reaction as work to upgrade our site is taking place. We hope to return the service as soon as we can.

3. The due in stock date has changed or passed on a product and it stills says ‘out of stock’. Why?

If we have a date for when out of stock items will be available again we will let you know on the site with a 'Due In Stock' date. We try our very best to make these as accurate as possible but they can change. We will always ensure that the latest and most accurate arrival date is on the website so that you can plan the arrival of your purchase!

4. What does OEM mean?

Items marked OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are parts destined to be fitted to a complete bike that have been an over-stock on the part of the manufacturer. We then buy this stock in order to make better savings for you. If OEM is marked on an item it will be a fully functional branded item but you'll receive it without its full retail packaging. All OEM items come with full warranty cover.

5. What does recycled mean?

We have lots of recycled products on the site! You can buy cut-price products which have cosmetic damage, have been refurbished, are ex-display or are ex-demo. When a product is recycled we will give further information as to exactly what you can expect from the item when you receive it.

Cosmetically damaged

Items are new but they've been reduced in price as a result of damage sustained during transit or might have light fitting marks. There may be a minor dent, gouge, scrape, slight discoloration etc. Where possible we'll show the damage in the description or photo.


Items are mostly bikes that have been test ridden by the public for size and comfort and their price will be significantly lower than the price of a new item. They may have minor signs of wear and fitting marks and are priced to reflect usage.


Products will have had minor usage and will most likely have been returned to the manufacturer for repair. Refurbished items will include lights, computers, forks etc.


Items will have been used for display in our showroom or in bike shows and may look slightly imperfect. Ex-display items will include clothing, hats, body armour etc and will not usually be supplied in original packaging.

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6. Are Recycled bikes ready to ride?

Absolutely. All recycled bikes are thoroughly examined before they leave us and have a pre-delivery inspection just like any other bike. Damage will be described and photos provided where possible.

7. Can you special order products for me that are not listed on your site?

Seriously… all this great ‘stuff’ and you can’t find what you need!! We have a huge variety of stock and everything we have available to you is on the site. So sorry, unfortunately we cannot supply specific items of stock. It is worth emailing us to let us know what you couldn’t find and we will pass this on to our purchasing team for future buying decisions.

8. Can you change parts on a bike/groupset for me?

Unfortunately not. The products are sold as described and we cannot alter the set ups.

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9. Can you do a bike build for me?

Our Tech Team love the opportunity to get their teeth into a bike build! If you contact our Customer Support Team they will ensure you get the technical help you will need to place the order to complete your bike build. Even better - if you buy all the parts from us there's no additional charge. Bargain! Simply contact us and we'll help you place your order. Please note, if some of the items are listed as 'out of stock' we can only proceed once all the parts are available. You can of course amend or change any of the parts at this stage. Once started, the build specification can't be amended.

10. Can you do a wheel build for me?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our custom-built wheels. Every wheel that we build is given the same care and attention whether it's Deore or Chris King. Your wheels will be built just as well as the ones we have on our own bikes and we make sure they get a seriously hard time. The custom wheel build facility on the website allows you to logically move through the build, purchasing your items as you go - hubs, rims, spokes, upgrades, rim tape etc.

Click here to start building...

Don't worry if you need a little help or advice because our Tech Team will be able to help you out. Just contact us and we'll link you up with a helpful techie!

11. How long does a wheel build take?

If we have all the parts in stock, it will take around 5 days to complete the build. You will receive the dispatch email and when it arrives with you depends where you are in the world and what delivery method you choose. Your dispatch email will have all this information on it.

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