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    • Dirty Dog Dragon Rotor

  • Dirty Dog rotors are designed with the newest design tools including 3-D design software and design stress analysis. These tools allow engineers to generate very detailed designs and simulate their performance in cyberspace before ever making a part. Once the parts are designed and tested in cyberspace the first articles are made.
    Many companies use a giant stamp to punch out rotors but this process generates huge stresses in the metal than can show up when you don’t want them to as they wear on your set-up. Dirty-Dog uses high powered CO2 lasers to cut our rotors out of stainless steel.
    After cutting, the rotors go through an additional stress relieving process that releases stored energies in the material that could reduce the performance of the rotor. Stainless is a strong steel but we harden it further in ovens that reach well over 1000 degrees! After the hardening process, we have each disk precision ground to ensure flatness. The result is a strong, flat, rotor with a smooth braking surface.
    After the first rotors of any design are made, we put them on a fixture that we designed with a high torque motor. Then we crank it up and generate heats on the braking surface of over 350 degrees Farenheit.
    Lastly, we put the rotors on our own bikes and go screaming down the hill. Each rotor is tested extensively under a variety of riding styles in common mountain bike areas in northern California, including: Skeggs, Sierra Azul, Montara Mountain and Downieville to name a few. Only then are Dirty Dog Rotors ready for sale.




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