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    • Comprimidos para beber O.R.S (12 comprimidos)

  • Hydration Tabs (12 Tabs)

    What life takes out, O.R.S puts back in. O.R.S Hydration Tablets have been formulated to WHO standards, after years of research into the science of hydration.

    The O.R.S formula contains the precise combination of salts, glucose and essential minerals needed by the body to correct electrolyte imbalance, increase fluid absorption and bring your hydration levels back into balance.

    Considered to be “potentially the most important medical discovery of the 20th century,” by the Lancet, the ORS formula was voted the second greatest medical breakthrough by readers of the British Medical Journal.

    O.R.S Hydration Calculator App

    This app helps you calculate the correct amount of O.R.S. Hydration Tablets required to take with water to properly hydrate your body based on your activity, duration and intensity.


    • Hydration tabs
    • Replenish Electrolytes and fluids during/after exercise
    • Use in hot climates
    • Free from artificial preservatives
    • Perfect in the morning after a heavy night
    • Suitable for Vegans and Vegatarians
    • Does not contain yeast, gluten or lactose
        All Flavours
        Per Serving (1 Tablet)
    Energy (kj)   3.1
    Energy (kCal)   7.2
    Glucose (g)   1.83
    Fat (g)   0
    Protein (g)   0
    Fibre (g)   0
    Sodium (mg)   176
    Citric Acid (mg)   429
    Potassium (mg)   150

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