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    • Ergon SC Core Prime Women's Saddle

  • Ergon SC Core Prime Women's Saddle

    Featuring a revolutionary construction that's designed to relieve pressure from around your sit bones and dampen road vibrations, this saddle is specifically designed for women. Perfect for commuting as well as touring, this model is also equipped with orthopaedic comfort foam padding that's supportive, soft and won't collapse. As a result, you'll benefit from a more comfortable ride, while its durable microfibre cover and nylon composite shell prevent abrasions and maintain flexibility. Coming complete with light FeC steel rails holding you securely in place, this is a great upgrade for riders who want a dependable saddle for everyday urban cycling.

    Floating Ergonomic Saddle Core

    When pedalling, your weight is continuously shifted from one sit bone to the other – with the highest stress on the pedal-up side, where your body weight is focused and high pressure occurs. This localised pressure is noticeably reduced by the Ergon Core: Through the suspended Core design and the high-end material properties, the bike saddle has the ability to adapt to every pelvic motion when pedalling – enormously enhancing comfort.


    • Cover Material: Microfibre
    • Shell Material: Nylon Composite
    • Rails Material: Light FeC Steel
    • Core Material: BASF Infinergy (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
    • Padding Material: Orthopaedic Comfort Foam
    • Use: City, touring
    • Gender: Female
    • Dimensions: Small/Medium: 277x190mm; Medium/Large: 277x205mm


    • Innovative Material Infinergy: The innovative material Infinergy by BASF is a new benchmark in suspension and damping in the field of cycling. The elastic seat core supports the pelvic motion when pedalling, absorbs shock and offers relief for your back. When pressure compresses the saddle’s core, consisting of thousands of foam spheres, it will immediately rebound into its original shape – even after a prolonged period of compression. All over the globe leading running shoe manufacturers are also using this E-TPU-foam with great success.
    • Twin Shell: The revolutionary Ergon double-shell technology takes comfort to a whole new level. With the conventional saddle, there is only one seat shell on the frame. This standard shell supports all of the rider’s weight and must therefore be very stiff. The Ergon SC Core Prime utilizes two shells. The lower shell, supporting the rider’s weight is very stiff and the upper shell, which is a base of the padding material is very flexible. In between is the floating ergonomic core made of Infinergy. This design isolates road shock, dampens vibrations, supports pelvic movements while pedalling, and noticeably takes the pressure off the sit bones.
    • Inner Core Damper: The view from below on the SC Core Prime shows how the high-performance elastomer damper decouples the two saddle shells from each other. This sandwich construction with its elastic core allows the saddle to follow the natural movements of the pedal stroke. This provides support in all directions from the vibrations of the riding surface to the rider’s pedal stroke.
    • Core Material: BASF Infinergy (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
    • Orthopaedic Foam: The padding of the SC Core is made of orthopedic comfort foam, which Ergon has designed for fitness bikes, e-bikes and touring bikes. The foam is supportive, soft, but does not collapse. In addition to the foam, specific gel pad inlays offer even more comfort under the sitting area. With this saddle, it is not absolutely necessary to wear cycling shorts. The saddle is covered with robust microfiber to prevent abrasions and maintain the durability of the saddle.

    Manufacturer's Part Numbers:

    • EG-44041008 Black/Grey L Medium/Large
    • EG-44041007 Black/Grey S Small/Medium

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    • Color: Negro-Gris
    • Talla: Small/Medium, M/L
    • Género: Mujer



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