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    • Hornit CLUG PRO MTB Bike Holder

  • Hornit CLUG PRO MTB Bike Holder

    The CLUG PRO MTB from Hornit is a strong, secure and stylish bike storage solution for your mountain bike (MTB) or electric bike (E-Bike). Designed and engineered to hold your bike in place against a wall and off the ground, it features a magnetic handle and ratchet system that offers a fast, dependable and convenient way to store your bike within your home or garage.

    On Wall Bike Storage Mount

    Designed in collaboration with FIDLOCK, the CLUG PRO utilises an innovative magnet and ratchet system to ensure your bike always stays secure. Working with your floor to store your bike either vertically or horizontally, the CLUG PRO MTB is suitable for bikes with tyres between 44-57mm wide. It mounts easily using the screws and wall plugs provided to masonry and wood.

    Please Note: Hornit go by the ACTUAL tyre width not the manufacturer's size which is often less than stated, so please make sure to measure your tyre before buying if you are close to the top or bottom of the range. Tyre manufacturers almost always exaggerate their MTB tyre measurements whereas Hornit use the actual tyre size. The MTB will be a beautifully snug fit and the MTB XL will be a little loose.

    Strong, Reliable and Convenient Bike Storage

    Engineered to hold over 30kg once the winch is magnetically locked into place, you can have total peace of mind that your bike will remain rock solid in the event of a hard knock from someone brushing past or deflation of the tyre during long term storage.

    Secured by FIDLOCK

    The CLUG PRO uses FIDLOCK’s magnetic-mechanical technology which turns the moment of opening and closing the winch into a uniquely satisfying experience. The magnets automatically locate the winch and the undercut, interlocking teeth give it incredible strength.

    Adjustable Bike Securing System

    Rims come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Hornit designed the CLUG PRO to give you a tailored fit. You can adjust the length of the cord which will wrap neatly around the winch as you twist to secure your bike in position.

    Stylish Modern Bike Storage

    Thanks to the CLUG PRO you can transform your bike storage into a beautiful space. The ambidextrous design means that the winch can be placed on the left or the right side, ensuring easy access for releasing or securing the bike.


    • Material: ABS polymer
    • Winch Type: Magnetic handle and ratchet system
    • Max Storage Weight: 30kg
    • Intended Use: Mountain Bike tyre widths
    • Tyre Compatibility: Tyres between 44-57mm wide

    Please Note: CLUG PRO contains magnets which may be harmful to pacemakers or other sensitive equipment.

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    • Color: Negro
    • Talla: 1.75" - 2.25"
    • Género: Unisex



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