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    • Sidi Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes 2019


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  • Sidi Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes

    There’s offroad quality, and then there’s offroad royalty. Designed to offer one of the finest trail shoes seen in recent years, the Sidi Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes are ready and waiting to conquer all forms of terrain, a versatile performer that is rich in comfort in order to get you there in style.

    The Ultimate Trail Partner

    When it comes to kicking up roost, there are few that offer a better experience on the beaten path than the Sidi Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes. Pushing boundaries and on a quest to revolutionise how you ride, they are effective come rain or shine and laugh in the face of unforgiving terrain to offer up impressive versatility no matter what form of gravel meets your ride.

    Keeping things lightweight, there is an outstandingly stiff carbon sole that uses replaceable tread and pedal interfaces. It weighs in at 100 grams less than Sidi’s other famed sole, the Dragon Carbon SES, and delivers performances of the highest calibre to ensure power strikes a perfect balance alongside comfort. A real showstopper, power is directly transferred from your cadence to the pedals and the replaceable tread blocks in the toe and heel ensure grip is retained at all times. To prevent damage riders can make the most of a replaceable MTB plate, adding longevity to your new trail partner while toe spikes can also be added should the heavens open up.

    Inspired Technology

    The second coming of a legend, Sidi’s Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes have been tweaked to guarantee perfection. Jam-packed with inspirational technology, the popular Techno-3 Push System has been included to ensure comfort is at a premium. This works hand-in-hand with the Soft Instep Closure System and a wide, anatomically curved strap that allows riders to evenly distribute pressure across the main body of the foot. Ensuring customisation from both sides of the shoe, there is a thermo-formed EVA pad to keep the foot snug while there is now no longer a need for a high instep extender.

    Covering the Techno-3 Push System more thoroughly, shredding loam and eyeing up the nearest berms and kickers has never been this comfy. The push dial fits along the entire shoe length and adapts to each and every individual shaping, providing a customised fit that rivals can only dream of. The Sidi wire material is non-binding for a simple, on-the-fly adjustment without the need to pull over and the innovative push button allows for an easy release should you for whatever reason ever wish to exit the Drako 2.

    Don’t Forget the Heel

    You may have heard whispers, and we can officially confirm that the heel of the Drako 2 SRS Matt MTB Shoes is one that you need to feel to believe. It is reinforced with a cup to stabilise and support the rear of your foot while the anatomic shaping plastic reduces slippage when you are exploding into life on the pedals. Increasing power transfers and helping riders to rev up the watts, your cadence well and truly benefits from the outstanding support this heel supplies. Improving the fit too, Sidi’s outstanding creation retains your heel at the simple turn of a screw and improves when hitting those dreaded hill sections.


    • Please Note: Sidi recommend purchasing one whole size up from your usual fit
    • Matt finish

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    • Color: Negro mate, Matt Grey-Black, Matt Blue-Black
    • Talla de calzado: EU 40, EU 41, EU 48, EU 47, EU 44, EU 44.5, EU 43.5, EU 42.5, EU 43, EU 42, EU 45, EU 46, EU 45.5
    • Género: Unisex, Hombre
    • Grupo de edad: Adulto
  • €420.00 420.00
    Selecciona Color
    Negro mate
    Matt Blue-Black
    Matt Grey-Black
    Tabla de tallas Selecciona Talla de calzado
    EU 40
    EU 41
    EU 42
    EU 42.5
    EU 43
    EU 43.5
    EU 44
    EU 44.5
    EU 45
    EU 45.5
    EU 46
    EU 47
    EU 48
    Selecciona Color
    • Matt Black , EU 40
    • Matt Black , EU 41
    • Matt Black , EU 42
    • Matt Black , EU 42.5
    • Matt Black , EU 43
    • Matt Black , EU 43.5
    • Matt Black , EU 44
    • Matt Black , EU 44.5
    • Matt Black , EU 45
    • Matt Black , EU 45.5
    • Matt Black , EU 46
    • Matt Black , EU 47
    • Matt Black , EU 48
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 40
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 41
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 42
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 42.5
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 43
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 43.5
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 44
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 44.5
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 45
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 45.5
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 46
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 47
    • Matt Blue-Black , EU 48
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 40
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 41
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 42
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 42.5
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 43
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 43.5
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 44
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 44.5
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 45
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 45.5
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 46
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 47
    • Matt Grey-Black , EU 48
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