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    • SRAM Level TLM Disc Brake

  • SRAM Level TLM Disc Brake

    Featuring a durable forged aluminium lever, a two-piston caliper and industry-leading technologies, this mountain bike (MTB) hydraulic disc brake is ready for every trail riding adventure. SRAM know good value. It comes with practicality. Durability. Sensible design. The Level TLM is that sweet spot — alloy lever blades, DirectLink actuation, DOT 5.1 fluid, and SRAM's two-piston, two-piece caliper — all in a compact, lightweight package. This is the tried-and-true machinery, for all-day, never quit performance.

    Expandable Bladder

    SRAM’s brake lever design includes a reshaped bladder that helps regulate and reduce air bubbles. The bladder is specifically shaped to evacuate air from the lever and push the fluid exactly where it’s needed. The result is improved back-pressure relief, which produces dependable braking power and consistency.

    Heat Shield

    The stainless steel heat shield breaks the thermal connection between the pad and caliper body, reducing caliper fluid temperature by about 20°C even in the most extreme testing conditions.

    Bleeding Edge

    With this new caliper fluid circuitry, the bleed port has been moved to the bottom of the caliper, and all four-piston bores can communicate. This way, during bleeding fluid naturally fills the caliper, resulting in an easier, more consistent bleed.


    SRAM’s DirectLink lever design produces a solid, positive feel the second you squeeze the lever to engage the brake. It offers a no-nonsense solution to give you precise control.

    MatchMaker X Integrated

    The MatchMaker X clamp is more than just a clamp. Since each clamp accepts up to three controls, you can put everything from your XLoc suspension lockout, your SRAM shifters, SRAM brake levers and AVID brake levers as well as your Reverb XLoc remote, all on two clamps. Short of genetically engineering longer thumbs, it’s the ideal way to put everything within easy reach.

    Timing Port Closure

    A hydraulic brake’s timing port is the connection between the reservoir and the lever cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM’s timing port closure system features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish producing dependable braking power and consistency.


    • Lever Blade Material: Forged Aluminium
    • Finish: Anodised
    • Pad Type: Steel-backed Organic
    • Use: Mountain Bike (MTB)
    • Brake Type: Hydraulic disc brake
    • Bracket: Direct Mount DIR
    • Recommended MMX Clamp (Not Included): Stainless bolt, blk clamp
    • Caliper: Two-piston, two-piece caliper
    • Rotors Included: No, available separately
    • Single or Pair: Single

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    • Color: Black Stealth
    • Talla: 1400mm
    • Opción: Trasero



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