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    • Campagnolo Super Record 12s Hydraulic Disc Brake

  • Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Hydraulic Ergos and Caliper

    More ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain, this set combines an Ergopower Super Record 12 speed disc brake controller and a brake caliper to keep your ride under control in all road cycling situations. Benefitting from many of Campagnolo's finest technologies including Vari-Cushion, One lever-One action, AMS Adjustment and an Ultra-Shift System, this model also offers a wide range of features and customisation for fine-tuning your braking and shifting performance.

    12 Speed Ergopower Super Record Disc Brake Controller

    The mechanical controller for the Ergopower Super Record 12x2 Speed Disc Brake offers an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip thanks to Vari-Cushion technology, essential for those who stay on the saddle for several hours. The controls' inner workings are a concentration of technology and experience, starting with the "one lever-one action" function, which assigns each lever a single function, helping avoid shifting errors at tired or distracting moments, and then continue with the multiple shifting options which allows up- or downshifting by up to 5 sprockets at a time thanks to the Ultra-Shift mechanism. This function allows you to maintain cadence even in case of sudden changes of incline or rhythm, with speed and ease as useful as it is surprising.

    Further useful features are the levers' adjustability, which, thanks to Reach Adjustment, enable a low grip on the brake lever, helping those with smaller hands; and AMS Adjustment, which enables braking power modulation, using the dedicated adjusters. The Super Record Disc Brake brake levers are engineered with a double curvature for improved grip and are lightened with two slots that are added to the one dedicated to Reach Adjustment.

    Campagnolo Caliper

    The flat-mount Campagnolo brake caliper ensures powerful, modular braking in any situation owing to pistons measuring 22mm in diameter. The pad return is now optimised to ensure that there is no friction when the brake lever is released. A special metal plate positioned between the pad and the caliper piston cushions the vibrations during braking.

    The Campagnolo brake caliper is designed to be mounted together with the disc chosen by the rider (available separately) and to always guarantee the highest level of performance. Careful attention was given to making maintenance and assembly operations easy: the pads have wear indicators and replacing them is facilitated by the absence of physical return springs. Additionally, work was done on the insertion of the disc in the caliper to make changing the wheel easier and faster.


    • Use: Road
    • Speed: 12 speed
    • Controller Technologies: One lever-One action, Ultra-Shift System, Ergopower Control
    • Caliper Technologies: Standard Flat Mount, 22mm pistons in phenolic resin, Piston-caliper connector, Interchangeable spare parts, Wear indicator
    • Comfort: Vari-Cushion hood
    • Adjustment: 3 levels of reach adjustment
    • Ultra-Shift System: Up to 5 sprockets in downshifting, up to 3 in upshifting
    • Enlarged Shifting Paddles
    • Single or Pair: Single
    • Weight: 462g


      Controller Technologies:

    • Comfortable Body: The controls enable a solid, safe grip when pedalling out of the saddle or gripping high on the handlebar.
    • Rapid Shifting: Immediate shifting engagement enables activating the front derailleur with minimum effort and in any hand position on the bar.
    • Multiple Action: An unplanned ascent, a sudden jerk: it takes barely a moment to find the right ratio owing to the multiple action of the controls.
    • Ergonomic: The shape of the body and the possibility to adjust the reach enable all cyclists to use these controls, regardless of the size of their hands or fingers.
    • Customisable: 3 levels of reach adjustment.
    • Upshifting Lever Integration: More space under the control body when gripping the Ergopower control.
    • Disc Caliper: Flat mount disc only, to be compatible with the latest frame technology.
    • Maximum Smoothness Cables: Updated cable set maintains exceptional smoothness far beyond those of the competition, maximum performance longevity.
    • Superior Alignment: Braking lever pivot aligned with slant of ergo power, more efficient power transfer requiring less energy from rider's hand.
    • Upgraded Brake Lever: The result of meticulous studies (double curve brake lever, updated form outward curve).
    • Vari-Cushion Hood: Different thicknesses allowing for greater grip, comfort and water dispersion.
    • Enlarged Shifting Paddles: For instant reaction access.
    • Ultra-Shift System: Up to 5 sprockets in downshifting, up to 3 in upshifting.
    • Caliper Technologies:

    • UStandard Flat Mount: Fully compatible with flat-mount frames.
    • 22mm Pistons in Phenolic Resin: Braking force and thermal isolation.
    • Piston-Caliper Connector: The return action of the pistons is now optimised, rapidly returning the pads to their position and thus ensuring an overall clearance between pad and disc of 0.4-0.8 mm, with no risk of accidental contact.
    • Interchangeable Spare Parts: Pads, cylinder, screws, bolts (same for all calipers): Fully compatible and optimised spare parts, making maintenance practical.
    • Wear Indicator: It is very easy to see when the pads need to be replaced.
    • Rounded Brake Pads: These facilitate disc insertion and speed up wheel changing.
    • Anti-Vibration Plate: Optimal braking without vibrations.
    • Two Fixing Screws: Rapid installation and maintenance.

    Manufacturer's Part Numbers::

    • CPB452C Black Carbon 160mm Caliper Rear-LH
    • CPB453A Black Carbon 160mm Caliper Front-RH

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    • Couleur : Carbone
    • Taille : 140mm, 160mm
    • Option: LH Rear, LH Front, RH Rear
    • Nombre de Vitesses: 12 vitesses



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