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    • Lubrificante White Lightning WetRide sintetico (240ml)

  • White Lightning WetRide Synthetic Lubricant 240ml Bottle

    White Lightning WetRide Synthetic Lubricant excels during long distance  rides in the most extreme weather conditions. It is a thicker and heavier lubricant  than the most common options. It is totally waterproof and consists of premium  synthetic oils and water repelling polymers.

    Unmatched Coating

    This lubricant provides an unmatched film coating on anything its required to lubricate. Wet Ride last and serves it purpose superbly on the longest and most demanding of rides. It also includes an anti-corrosion additive to prevent rusting and corrosion of parts, even when your bike is challenged with snow, sleet, heavy fog and seaside air.

    Durability and Effectiveness

    Wet Ride is a popular choice among off-road cyclists due to its  durability and effectiveness when faced with muddy conditions. This lubricant  is heavy enough to resist the effects of mud, grit and crud on the chain and in  the cassette. For road cycling, Wet Ride especially popular for dry weather  conditions and will keep the drivetrain running slick over very long-distance  rides and races.


    • Eliminates Drivetrain Noise
    • Delivers Smooth Shifting
    • Protection Against Water and Grit
    • Specifically Formulated

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