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    • Silca Gear Wipes

  • Silca Gear Wipes

    The Gear Wipes from Silca are disposable two-sided cleaning towels developed to remove, grease, dirt, oils and sweat from your cycling gear. Each individual wipe has a textured scrubbing side for shifting dirt and grime, and a soft polishing side for finishing cleaning and a spotless shine. Plus, these wipes use cosmetic-grade cleaning agents, which means they are safe for use on your hands and skin. And, since they contain no lotions or moisturisers, they leave no streaks or slimy residues behind.

    Silca Gear wipes are for anybody who needs to clean any type of gear or hard goods as well as clean their hands after they’ve worked on their gear.

    Versatile, Efficient and Safe Cleaning Wipes

    SILCA gear wipes were initially developed by Brandon Hirokawa, the creator of the Hirobel frame clamp and pro-mechanic in cycling and triathlon. The wipes are originally formulated to clean dirt, grease, oil, sweat and even drink mix residue from frames and components, however, it was quickly realized that the unique fast evaporating non-solvent based cleaning agent could make dirty white bar tape white again with no slimy residue, clean running shoes and clean dirty hands after a day in the workshop.

    This amazing cleaner has been mated with the top end Kimberly Clark dual surface substrate for maximum cleaning power. Each towel has a scrubbing side for heavy dirt and grease as well as a polishing side for delicate surfaces and finishes cleaning/polishing. Few practices can lead to improved longevity, smoother running and increased efficiency of your equipment the way that cleaning it can.

    This is why ProTour mechanics clean every bicycle after every ride. They say that a clean bicycle is a happy bicycle, but do not let this hide the fact that a clean bicycle will run quiet, smooth, be more efficient and will last longer than a dirty one.


    • Great for cleaning bike gear
    • Suited to wiping down bikes after a ride before transit
    • Safe for human skin
    • Ideal for wiping dirt, grit, grease and oil from components
    • Two Sided towels, one side textured for cleaning, the other smooth for polishing

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