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    • Campagnolo Super Record 12x Disc Groupset 2019

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  • Campagnolo Super Record 12x Disc Groupset

    This top-quality groupset is Campagnolo's highest expression of technology and evolution. Combining the exceptional Italian drivetrain quality which the brand is renowned for, this superb version is geared towards road cyclists who want to equip their ride with the best of the best components in terms of performance and distinctiveness.


    Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower Controls:

    This stunning set of brake levers is more ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain than before. Thanks to vari-cushion technology, you can enjoy comfortable and safe support which is essential if you stay in the saddle for several hours. With functions such as "one lever-one action", you can assign each lever a single function which helps to avoid shifting errors at tired or distracting moments. Additionally, its ultra-shift mechanism allows for multiple shifting as well as up or down shifting by up to 5 sprockets at a time.

    • Comfortable support
    • Quick shifting
    • Multiple action
    • Ergonomic
    • Weight: 462g (approx)

    Super Record Rear Derailleur:

    This strong and reliable component is filled with pure technology for increased speed, power and shifting precision. Thanks to 3D embrace technology, your chain will maintain optimum traction at all times while also ensuring the rear mech is always at an ideal distance from the sprockets.

    • Material: Technopolymer Plastic reinforced with Carbon Fibre
    • Optimised spring return
    • 12T jockey wheel on the rocker arm
    • Adjustment of the initial rear derailleur position
    • Trajectory optimisation
    • Removable pivot on the upper body
    • Weight: 181g (approx)

    Super Record Front Derailleur:

    Revealing various new technical innovations such as a new leverage system which is designed to speed up shifting, you'll be able to stay a gear ahead of your competitors. Less effort is required for shifting thanks to its split front link rod, which avoids contact with the travel limit screw, and the shape of the inner cage plate, designed to match the new 12 speed chain's characteristics.

    • Material: Forged Aluminium and unidirectional Carbon Fibre with Titanium stop screws
    • The upper connector rod is not connected to the external one
    • Fork designed to improve maximum chain crossover
    • Ideal for wider hoods
    • Optimised design of the inner fork
    • Two fixing points for the cable
    • Position optimised for all chainrings
    • Weight: 79g

    Super Record 2x12 Speed Crankset:

    This high quality and durable 2x12 speed crankset features a new super design which optimises aerodynamics and delivers the greatest possible stiffness. Thanks to its strong and reliable ultra-torque bracket system with a titanium axle, you'll be able to transfer all of your pedal power directly to the drivetrain for unparalleled performance.

    • New design, same dimensions
    • The right-hand crank arms are coupled two by two in the zones subject to greater force applied by the cyclist
    • Unchanged Q Factor (145.5)
    • Unidirectional Carbon Fibre hand cranks, Steel axle and Aluminium chainrings
    • Symmetrical inner chainring teeth
    • Optimised design for every chainring combination
    • Double wheel sizing standards
    • Superficial treatment of the chainrings for a longer lifespan
    • Weight: 618g

    Super Record 12 Speed Sprockets:

    Featuring 12 sprockets which are even more efficient despite their reduced thickness, this model delivers faster, quieter and more precise shifting. Thanks to its special tooth design and surface treatment, a longer life span is guaranteed in comparison to standard stock cassettes.

    • Compatibility
    • Reduced spaces
    • Same spacers
    • Larger triplets in a single block
    • Weight: 266g

    Super Record 12 Speed Chain:

    This lightweight and durable model has been completely redesigned from scratch to offer road cycling enthusiasts the most intense performing chain possible. Ultra-slim with a width of 5.15mm and equipped with an integrated ultra-link system not only makes this chain secure and durable, it also provides an extremely smooth and accurate shifting experience.

    • Width 5.15mm
    • Pins aligned to the outer surface
    • Unsurpassed wear resistance
    • Optimised design
    • Weight: 220g

    Campagnolo Caliper:

    Providing exceptional shifting responsiveness, this stunning flat mount caliper keeps you in full control. Ensuring powerful, modular braking in any situation owing to its pistons measuring 22mm in diameter, this model guarantees no friction at the time of brake lever release. A special metal plate positioned between the pad and the caliper piston cushions the vibrations during braking.

    • Standard flat mount
    • 22mm pistons in phenolic resin
    • Magnetic piston-calliper connector
    • Interchangeable spare parts
    • Wear indicator
    • Weight: 115g

    Campagnolo Rotor 03:

    This rounded rotor features not only extreme performance but also safety and reliability by incorporating maximum resistance to heat. Thanks to its new design, you'll benefit from its cutting-edge technology, intended to provide race-winning performance in a lightweight package.

    • 140mm and 160mm diameter options
    • Rounded corners
    • Heat resistant
    • The rivets are positioned far away from the caliper
    • Weight: 99g

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    • 色: カーボン
    • サイズ: 50-34t, 52-36t, 53-39t, 53t39t
    • オプション: 175mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, ブラック
    • 歯: 11-32t
    • スピード: 12スピード
    • 長さ: 175mm, 170mm, 172.5mm
    • 素材: カーボン
    • ディレイラータイプ: 直付け
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