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    • Muc-Off Punk Powder and Bottle for Life Bundle

  • Muc-Off Punk Powder and Bottle for Life Bundle

    The Punk Powder and Bottle for Life Bundle offers an environmentally friendly, that cleans your bike with outstanding efficiency and leaves it sparkly clean and grime-free. Plus, it is also non-toxic, biodegradable and is cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. This bundle includes Muc-Off's Punk Powder and a ultra-durable and ergonomically-designed Bottle For Life.

    Muc-Off take caring for our planet as seriously as riding their bikes, so they wanted to create the ultimate bike cleaning bundle that has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

    Included in the bundle you’ll find two sachets of Muc-Off's incredible new Punk Powder, which is the world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner that uses 92% less packaging than two, 1-litre bottles of regular Bike Cleaner. Their all-new Bottle For Life is a recyclable tough aluminium spray bottle that will stand the test of time and grime. It comes with a non-toxic, food-grade silicone base to protect the bottle, so it’ll last even longer if dropped (while protecting any surface it’s dropped on.) and offers increased stability when placed on uneven ground. It is also compatible with our Muc-Off Pressure Washer snow foam lancer attachment.

    The even cooler bit is you can order replacement Punk Powders that arrive in a letterbox friendly eco pack, which contains zero plastic, so you won’t need to increase any future plastic consumption every time you need to buy more bike cleaner. So, get out there, shred until your heart’s content, then clean off the grime knowing you have left behind the smallest possible plastic footprint.

    Project Green

    Project Green is Muc-Off's never-ending commitment to deliver a multitude of environmentally-focussed improvements across their business. They love the planet we ride on, it’s our playground, and Muc-Off are driven to protect it for everyone.

    What are this products Project Green credentials?

    Muc-Off's Punk Powder packaging is 100% plastic-free and comes with four 30g sachets which makes 4L of bike cleaner. Compared to 4 x 1L bike cleaner in a plastic bottle, this is a 92% saving in packaging, which is made from a FSC recycled card box, supplied in a compostable sachet and printed with vegetable inks. It's also made with 100% environmentally friendly ingredients, including plant based raw materials that aren't tested on animals. All together making it vegan and vegetarian friendly, whilst being kinder to the planet.

    Bottle for Life Features:

    • Made from Aluminium
    • Designed to last for life
    • Easy to recycle
    • Non-toxic, food grade silicone base protects the bottle and bike if dropped


    • 100% plastic-free packaging
    • Readily biodegradable
    • 100% water-free
    • Refill your Bottle For Life and help to eliminate plastic waste
    • 92% saving in packaging compared to 2 x 1L Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
    • 100% environmentally friendly ingredients, including plant-based raw materials
    • Supplied in a compostable sachet and printed with vegetable inks
    • FSC recycled card box containing 2 x sachets – that makes 2L of bike cleaner
    • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fibre
    • Will not harm seals, cables, disc brake pads or rotors
    • Alkaline-based and free from alcohol, CFCs, solvents or acids
    • Vegan & vegetarian friendly
    • Bottle for life is compatible with our Muc-Off Pressure Washer snow foam lancer attachment
    • Cruelty-free, not tested on animals
    • Dissolves easily in any type of water. Cold, warm and hot. Hard or soft

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