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    • Sector 9i Carbon Front Mountain Bike Rim

  • Sector 9i Carbon Front Mountain Bike Rim

    Ready for shredding the trails with your friends as well as exploring new off-road routes on your own, this carbon MTB rim is engineered for maximum performance. It features a hard-wearing unidirectional carbon fibre rim construction, which allows you to benefit from its fantastic strength without adding any unnecessary weight to your ride. Sector has taken this model's design a step further by also integrating TeXtreme Innegra into the layup of the rims. This gives it 75% more impact resistance than standard carbon rims of the same profile. The 9i MTB rim is significantly more resistant to wear and tear and less prone to catastrophic failure.

    So what is Innegra?

    Innegra is a fibre derived from polypropylene that exhibits some highly beneficial properties, including high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to damage, vibration damping and energy dissipation. The TexTreme fabric used in the layup of 9i rim is a Spread Tow fabric built from a hybrid of Innegra and T700 carbon fibres.

    The Spread Tow layout is significant because it also contributes some positive attributes – the fibres are straighter (reduced crimp therefore higher strength) and it facilitates the use of less resin (lower weight). In the 9i rim the Spread Tow fabric is used on the outer layer of the rim, giving it the unique checkerboard pattern.

    Sounds good, but what does that mean for a rim?

    • Significantly more compliance...

    Under a lab test the 9i rim was 50% more vertically compliant than a unidirectional T700 carbon rim of the same profile. This test involves loading the rim with a 100kg weight, in which the 9i rim exhibited a deflection of 15.74mm compared to 10.55mm on the standard T700 rim. It is widely acknowledged that vertical compliance is important for damage reduction (less likely to crack), a reduction of fatigue and to improve traction. Such an improvement in vertical compliance also brings a radically improved ride quality to the 9i wheelset.

    The Innegra equipped rims do not have the associated harsh stiffness of regular carbon wheels.

    • Significantly more impact resistance...

    In the lab the 9i rim was able to handle impacts of almost double the standard required for MTB wheels by the UCI. The 9i rim withstood an impact of 140J compared the UCI stipulated requirement of an 80J impact, making it 75% stronger than the UCI requirements.

    In real world terms, the 9i rim can handle the equivalent of dropping a 15kg weight from a height of up to 1.08 metres onto the bare rim, thus making it 18% stronger than a recognised leading competitor who has published their data.

    • Much less weight...

    Despite offering strength and compliance advantages, the use of Innegra also allows the construction of an extremely lightweight rim. The Innegra equipped 9i rim weighs just 428g (29”).


    • Rim Material: T-700 Unidirectional Carbon Fibre; Outer layer: TeXtreme Plain Weave Spread Tow Carbon Fibre and Innegra S Hybrid
    • Use: MTB
    • Rim Size: 29"
    • Holes: 28h or 32h options
    • Rim Width: (Internal) 29mm; (External) 35mm
    • Rim Depth: 25mm
    • ERD: 591mm
    • Tubeless: Yes
    • Single or Pair: Single
    • Weight: 428g

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