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    • Compressport R2 v2 Calf Guards 2016

  • Compressport R2 v2 Calf Guards

    The brand new R2 V2 calf sleeve from Compressport keeps the outstanding features of its predecessor such as a seamless multi-gradual compression, extreme durability and comes in a variety of colours. It has been freshened up with 360-degree branding and new K-Protect technology.

    The Compressport R2 was the number one calf guard worn at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. The Compressport R2 calf guard boosts your venous return, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles.

    The reduction in lactic acid build-up coupled with its shock absorption properties protects you from muscular fatigue and damage. Compressport compression products are meant for all levels and abilities and are suitable for almost any sport. Train, compete and recover in Compressport.



    • Compressport has developed K-Protect to help reduce pain that affects more than 75% of ultra-trail runners
    • The K-Protect is an ergonomic band which applies pressure on the patellar tendon to provide extra knee support
    • It reduces vibrations up to 8% without hindering joint movement
    • The K-Protect will be your best ally to push your speed and effort in steep downhill running, during hard intervals or fast-paced intense games

    Enhanced performance:

    • The ultra light Compressport fabric is designed for more effective venous return from the feet to the heart, considerably reducing the build up of toxins in the muscles, particularly during prolonged effort
    • Muscles benefit from improved oxygenation, helping to reduce the possibility of cramps and injuries
    • This allows for longer, higher impact sessions with less fatigue and quicker recovery
    • The Compressport fabric also optimises heat exchange and wicks away moisture, helping to regulate your body temperature

    Injury prevention

    • A Compressport study shows a reduction of injuries by 29%
    • The Compressport fabric provides rigidity and support to muscles and is designed to reduce shock waves and vibrations
    • This helps to prevent muscle tears, joint pain, contractures, micro-injuries and muscle fatigue

    Enhanced recovery

    • After exercise the Compressport R2 continues to accelerate venous return, flushing the toxins from, and increasing oxygenation to, the muscles
    • This process reduces the possibility of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
    • Damaged muscles repair quicker meaning you can train and compete on fresher legs

    Quality assurance

    • Always striving to bring you the highest quality, Compressport compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, using European yarn, on European equipment, by European medical compression specialists

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