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    • Аминокислоты Dymatize Super Protein (345 капсул)

  • Dymatize Super Protein Amino (345 capsules)

    An easy to swallow tablet that provides you with the full range of proteinogenic amino acids which are the essential building blocks of protein. The tablets can be taken during the day in two capsule servings which will provide you with up to 5.8g of protein if taken in three doses with your daily meals.

    Banned Substance Tested

    The Super Protein Amino Capsules have been tested by Informed-Choice and certified as being completely free from banned substances that are tested for in world class athletic competitions. Informed Choice also test that products are of a high quality and fundamentally safe for general use which the capsules were found to comply with.


    • 345 capsules
    • Banned substance tested
    • Easy-to-swallow design
    • Delivers the complete range of all proteinogenic amino acids
    • Suggested daily dose: 6 capsules
    • 6 capsules provides 5.8g of protein

    Nutrition Information

    Naturally Included and Added Amino Acids Per Serving (3 capsules) Per Daily Dose (6 capsules)
    L-Leucine 261mg 523mg
    L-Isoleucine 139mg 279mg
    L-Valine 173mg 345mg
    L-Alanine 127mg 253mg
    L-Arginine 204mg 408mg
    L-Asparagine and L-Apartic Acid 278mg 555mg
    L-Cysteine 39mg 77mg
    L-Glutamine and L-Glutamatic Acid 555mg 110mg
    L-Lysine 190mg 379mg
    L-Histidine 74mg 148mg
    L-Methionine 74mg 148mg
    L-Phenylalanine 155mg 310mg
    L-Proline 185mg 370mg
    L-Serine 155mg 310mg
    L-Threonine 119mg 238mg
    L-Tryptophane 33mg 65mg
    L-Tysine 141mg 283mg

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