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    • Велокомпьютер Polar Polar V650 с пульсометром (Polar H10) 2018


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  • Polar V650 with Heart Rate (Polar H10)

    The winner of the Red Dot Design award the V650 is the ultimate cycle GPS computer that can help you stay navigated and track your performance and push your cycling to the max.

    Polar H10

    Your heart rate is one of the most important and useful metrics in existence. It can unlock crucial insight into whether your training is overreaching, or if you’re not reaching hard enough, and when you’re peaking. The Polar H10 is a comfortable, water resistant heart rate sensor is part of a chest strap which can be comfortably adjusted to your chest and sends your heart rate metrics directly to your V650’s screen.


    The V650 lets you plan ahead like never before and the device comes with a fully customisable profile. The profiles can be set up for a variety of different types of cycling including road, MTB and indoor. You can fully customise the display to suit your rides specific needs so that you on see the data you need and not the data you don’t.


    When you’re cycling the V650 gives you the best metrics and motivation you need to push your training to the next level. Using an integrated GPS chip and built-in barometer with real time VAM the computer comes with Training Benefit which delivers motivating feedback immediately after the ride showing you accurately the effect of your training session. Training Load then takes this one step further by showing you the affects your training has to your body and compares the training load between different sessions. Smart Calories lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age and gender. Recovery Status then finishes off your training session by letting you know what recovery time you now require.


    One of the best things about the V650 is that is comes with a vast array of different connectivity options. Using Bluetooth Smart you can connect the V650 computer to your smartphone or tablet device that allows you to gain full control of your computer. You can fully customise the display, pre-plan routes, load specific maps and more. The connectivity can also be used to download all your performance data to Polar apps or other third party apps so that you can track how your performing over days, weeks, months and years. You can also use the connectivity to add Polar compatible sensors.


    • Includes Polar H10
    • Winner of the Red Dot Design
    • 2.8 inch colour touch screen
    • Import new routes
    • Comes with GPS and Maps
    • Includes barometer with real time VAM
    • Compatible with other Polar sensors
    • Customisable profiles
    • Front LED light
    • IPX7 waterproof certified
    • Bluetooth Smart connectivity
    • Weighs 120g

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