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    • Вилка Manitou Mattoc Pro BOOST

  • Manitou Mattoc Pro Plus Forks BOOST

    These Manitou Mattoc Pro Boost Forks are the ultimate in performance, agility, control and stability. Taking influence from the gravity trail builders desire for creating their own gravity fuelled bike challenges, the Mattoc earth-moving hand tool is one of the most important pieces of kit for creating jumps, berms and technical riding sections. Manitou credited this excellent fork name after this trail building process and equipped it with Enduro race-ready technology and used high-end materials in its creation, so it puts pressure on your race competition.

    Stable, Stiff and Promotes Rider Confidence

    This fork is a force to be reckoned with when descending. The IRT Dorado Air spring is based on the design of the Dorado DH fork, where it provides excellent sensitivity to trail bumps and features, which enables you to glide over obstacles without losing speed. This spring system is equipped in parallel with the Manitou MC² damper to ensure that the transition over any trail scenario is smooth and supportive, ensuring it does not pack-up or bottom out. These forks have the revolutionary Boost axle spacing, which enables wheel builders to strengthen their wheels thanks to the wider hubs used. Designed with the Boost axle standard and to be used with 27.5" PLUS wheels, this fork offers the highest levels of grip, traction, stability and speed.


    • Material: Crown: Alloy Forged Hollow; Upper Legs: 6066 Straight-wall Aluminium; Lower Legs: Magnesium
    • Dropout Spacing: Boost
    • Spring: IRT Dorado Air
    • Bottom Out Control: Hydraulic HBO
    • Compression Damping: MC²
    • Adjustments: Externally adjustable low and high-speed damping/rebound
    • Stanchion Diameter: 34mm
    • Offset: 44mm
    • Axle to Crown: 555mm
    • Brake: Post Mount 180mm
    • Axle: Manitou QR15
    • Weight: 1,89kg

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    • Цвет: Черный
    • Размер: 120mm Travel
    • Размер Колеса: 29"/27.5"+
    • Опция: Ось 15мм
    • Диаметр Штока: 1,1/8"- 1.5" Конический
    • Ход Вилки: 120mm
  • Экономия 25%
    РРЦ 83638.99RUB
    62728.99 RUB 62728.99
    Выбрать Цвет
    Выбрать Опция
    Ось 15мм
    Выбрать Размер
    120mm Travel
    Выбрать Диаметр Штока
    1,1/8"- 1.5" Конический
    Выбрать Размер Колеса
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