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    • Восстанавливающий напиток NP Pro Recover 1.28 кг

  • CNP Pro Recover

    Designed to aid rapid recovery for endurance athletes, CNP's Pro Recover blends 30g of quick-acting carbs with 25g of high quality protein from milk, whey and peptide bonded glutamine. The result is quick replenishment of glycogen stores and improved recovery rates.

    Pro Recover has the optimal quantity of both protein and multi-source carbohydrates that makes it the ideal post-training recovery drink when you want to hit your next session fully fuelled and ready to go. The premium protein blend provides a time release matrix with a drip feed effect lasting up to 7 hours to ensure your body has all the amino acids required for efficient recovery. Meanwhile, CNP multi-source carbohydrate offers time released energy quickly delivering carbohydrates into your body for when you need them most. 

    CNP pack Recover with a fine balance of nutrients and functional ingredients necessary to support athletic development. Viable, probiotic organisms are added to the blend to allow your body to easily digest the formula and prevent stomach upset and other side effects common with low grade recovery formulas. Many athletes choose CNP proteins as meal replacements for the weight management properties demanded by the nutrition teams behind the world’s best athletes. As an endurance athlete you should consume around 2g of protein for every kg of bodyweight per day to ensure your muscles are repaired fully and metabolism remains high. All protein is not the same; we use only the highest quality protein in the optimal blends so that you have all the nutritional support you deserve. 

    Usage Instructions Mix 3 scoops (65g serving), with 450ml water. Consume Recover after hard training/racing, or as a meal replacement drink as part of a weight management strategy.


    • 25g Protein
    • 30g Carbs
    • Fast Recovery

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    • Размер: 1.3kg
    • Опция: Ваниль
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