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    • Детское сиденье WeeRide Classic


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  • WeeRide Classic Baby Bike Seat

    WeeRide Classic Kangaroo Bike Seat

    Rather than dump your child in a seat at the back of your bike and forget about them, you can now put them front and centre of your leisurely and everyday rides thanks to the Classic Kangaroo Bike Seat from WeeRide. By putting them in the centre mount, now you engage with your child at all times and gives them a slightly more interesting view than what they’re used to! It’s practical thanks to its ease of use for attaching and removing from your bike in moments, steering is unaffected as there’s no weight put on the handlebars, and it’s safety conscious thanks to a 5-point adjustable safety harness and foot rests.

    If you want the connection between you and your little one to continue, even as you ride, the Classic Kangaroo Bike Seat from WeeRide is an ideal investment, for children aged between one and four years old. It's the number one seller in the UK and US for a reason!

    The bike seat is delivered along with a support bar and assembly instructions


    • No.1 selling child seat in the UK & US
    • Engage with your child on each ride
    • Interesting view


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