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    • Метки Stealth Pro

  • DataTag Stealth Pro

    The DataTag Stealth Pro effectively gives your bike a unique fingerprint.  For increased security, DataTag works with the Police to back up the product  and provides free scanning equipment and database access on a 24/7 basis as  well as technical training. Owners of DataTagged cycles generally also benefit  from reduced premiums from the major insurers. Ultimately it is an Electronic  Security Identification System to protect your bike when even the strongest  lock is not enough.

    Makes Life Difficult for Bike Thieves

    DataTag UV "Stealth" systems for bicycles is a detailed and  refined approach to identification, which makes life difficult for even  professional thieves. It is simple to fit and includes visible and hidden  identifiers, including some of the most advanced "stealth" UV etching  that won't visibly mark you bicycle and gives your bike a unique finger print.  Bike theft is a worldwide problem and many bike owners think that just by  registering the frame serial on a database theft will miraculously stop. The  truth is that registration without the right identification system just doesn't  work. The DataTag Stealth Pro bridges this gap perfectly.


    • 'Stealth' UV Etching
    • 'Ultimate TE Label' Tamper evident label containing unique ID number and QR code
    • 'Datadot' The Datadots can be used to mark all your cycle components and accessories
    • Not suitable for titanium and bare metal frames

    Buy DataTag Accessories from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


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