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    • Мини-насос Silca Tattico Bluetooth с креплением

  • Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump w/ Mount

    Bringing tyre inflation right in to the 21st century, Silca's Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump w/ Mount pairs with your Android or Apple device to put super-accurate pressure readings right in the palm of your hand. Coming equipped with its own carry bracket, this is the ultimate mobile mini-pump.

    Innovataive and High Perfromance Mini Bike Pump

    Fitted with a highly accurate Bluetooth pressure transducer, the Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump w/ Mount pairs wirelessly to your handheld via the compatible iGauge mobile app*, bringing up precise and clear pressure measurements on your screen with every push and pull. At only 24cm long, the pump itself may be small in stature, but managing pressures of up to 120psi, it is no slouch in the power department. Presta and Schrader compatible, the pump's hose is concealed neatly in the pump handle for compact and convenient storage.

    Design-wise, the Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump w/Mount is kitted out with a handful of brilliantly unique features. The inverted design of the pump keeps the hose and valving inside the inner tube, where most pumps keep it in the outer cylinder, allowing for an additional 10% more air-flow per stroke. Instead of a standard O-ring, this Silca offering has an adaptable seal cup which reacts to increasing temperatures for a more efficient inflation experience than other pumps using Os. The integrated heat sink at the end of the barrel works to absorb the majority of the heat emitted during pumping to keep the pump cool at all times, while the twin tube insulated handle gives an insulated grip when thrusting away.    

    Constructed of a 6061 alloy construction, the barrel and gripping surfaces are durable and lightweight, making it a perfectly pocket-sized and carriable inflator. If you don't fancy carrying it on your person, the Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump mounts to your frame with the included bracket and retaining strap for secure portability. A fantastically innovative and state-of-the-art take on precision air pumping, this Silca mini-pump is the ideal inflator for the modern cyclist.


    • Material: Barrel and Grips: 6061 Alloy construction
    • Maximum Inflation Pressure: 120psi
    • Length: 24.13cm
    • Battery: Replaceable CR23032 battery
    • Bluetooth Compatibility: Android and Apple devices, connects to iGauge app
    • Mount: Direct-mount frame bracket with retaining strap

    *iGauge App - Download from iTunes or Android Marketplace and follow the below instructions:

    • Engage Tattico pump head on the valve stem and move the valve lever to the lock position
    • Start the iGauge app on your mobile device
    • The app will indicate "SEARCHING"
    • Begin adding air to the tyre. This will wake the Bluetooth transmitter and sync with the mobile device
    • Continue pumping until you reach the desired tyre pressure
    • Closing the app and storing the pump will put the Bluetooth transmitter in hibernation

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