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    • Сенсор ShredMate Shredmate Speed And Jump 2018

  • ShredMate Speed and Jump Sensor

    The first all-in-one bike computer speed sensor developed specifically for mountain biking.


    The ShredMate locates and accurately measures your jump air time and landing g-force. This is helpful for MTB riders who are looking to reduce their landing g-force creating a smoother ride.

    G Force

    The computer doesn’t just detect the g-force during your jumps but also senses the g-force in all your bikes movements including tight corners, g-outs, and when you crash. The g-force is tracked via the ShredMate’s smartphone app’s map.

    Rough Trails

    The computer automatically detects when you’re riding a rough trail. The ShredMate lets you view each trail separately giving you a detailed and easily accessible, telemetry view for each section of your ride.


    With an integrated speed sensor, you can track your speed with a traffic light system showing your changing pace around the trail on your display app.

    Earn Badges

    As you improve you earn badges giving you the push you need to pick up the pace and perfect your ride.


    The computer easily syncs to your Strava account just input your account details to share your rides with Strava.


    The ShredMate comes with a 6 month battery life with a coin cell battery that can easily be replaced.

    In the Box

    ShredMate sensor

    Rubber mount

    Wheel magnet

    Cable ties

    Instruction manual


    • Tracks your jumps
    • Integrated speed sensor
    • Tracks your G forces
    • Distance
    • Detects rough trails
    • Mapping
    • Use with the ShredMate app
    • Connects to your smartphone
    • Syncs to STRAVA
    • Weighs 25g
    • Dimensions: 42mm x 38mm x 11mm

    Buy ShredMate Computers from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


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