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    • Тренажер Kinetic Rock Machine 2.0 Smart

  • Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Smart Power Trainer

    The benchmark for fluid bike trainers. From intervals to threshold work to recovery spins the Road Machine offers a wide range of workout options.

    There is no trainer that more accurately replicates an outdoor ride indoors thanks to the precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit. The Kinetic Road Machine is compatible with the Kinetic inRide Watt Metre.

    Bikes with a thru-axle in the rear will require one of Kinetic's Traxle thru-axle adapters for use on any trainer.

    In the box:

    • Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Smart Trainer
    • One standard cone cup installed
    • One slotted cone cup installed
    • Additional standard cone cup
    • Kinetic skewer


    • Fluid Resistance: In a fluid trainer, resistance is created by turning a blade inside a container of fluid. This resistance is progressive, it increases as wheel speed increases. Kinetic fluid trainers provide the most realistic replication of the resistance a rider experiences outdoors. It’s simple with fluid: Want to warm up? Put it in an easy gear and spin. Ready to work hard? Simply pedal harder and resistance increases. Doing an interval workout? Change gears and pick up the tempo—resistance meets you exactly like on the road. There’s no need to turn a dial on the trainer to go harder. Kinetic fluid trainers, when combined with the inRide Watt Meter, allow accurate and consistent measurement of power based on the RPMs of the resistance unit for much less than any other power training solution. Kinetic trainers are precisely calibrated and tuned to provide the exact same amount of resistance every workout, from start to finish. Kinetic uses a thermodynamically neutral medical grade silicone fluid in our trainers because it provides consistent, repeatable workloads and is not affected by temperature. Kinetic fluid trainers feature an engineering breakthrough - Kinetic's patented magnetic drive system for a lifetime of leak-proof performance. With other fluid trainers, the drive shaft enters the fluid chamber. This spinning drive shaft is the weak point of the unit. Their magnetic drive system uses two sets of powerful magnets on either side of a separating wall, so there are no moving parts entering the fluid chamber. Rather than using an external fan to manage heat Kinetic uses an internal fan and 80 cooling fins, which provides both the quietest fluid trainer they have tested and the lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer. The flywheel on a trainer simulates the momentum of the bike and rider, increasing the effort needed to accelerate and maintaining speed when coasting. Kinetic fluid trainers have a heavyweight 6.25 pound flywheel for a more realistic ride. 
    • Kinetic Power Tech: Kinetic Power operates on the principle of speed-sensitive resistance. The accurate power training experience of the Kinetic inRide hinges on the premise that the only factor having any impact on the resistance unit is how fast the roller is spinning; independent of rider weight, cadence, crank length or any other factors. Using the inRide pod and a magnet in the resistance unit roller, they take speed at the wheel and translate that into power using Kinetic's formula. The end result is an accurate estimation (+/- 3%) using some very simple and inexpensive hardware.
    • Robust Frame: Kinetic trainer frames are built to be the most durable in the industry. Some might call them overbuilt, but they are fine with that. They expect them to provide you with a lifetime of use. Every frame is made from tig welded, powder coated steel. Every structural part is made of either steel or aluminium – no plastic. Knobs are made of ABS plastic over moulded with rubber for better ergonomics, grip, and durability. Feet are also rubberised for better grip. The elastomer pivot points on the Rock and Roll are also designed for a lifetime of use and made of the same material used in suspension bushings for high performance cars.
    • Bike Compatibility: One of the major issues encountered when fitting a bike on a trainer is the quick release skewer or axle bolts on the bike. Skewers come in all shapes and sizes as well as widths. Kinetic's unique axle cone fits 99% of OEM skewers on the market, but sometimes it is desirable to get a better fit by using a different cone. Switching a cone is easy and inexpensive. Kinetic have cones cup kits available to fit bolt-on wheels like on track and BMX bikes, internally geared hubs, and even SRAM Dual Drive systems. The Kinetic Traxle is their ingenious solution for 12mm thru-axles typically used on newer mountain bikes and now increasingly more often on road bikes too. The Traxle replaces the entire thru-axle with a high-quality, machined aluminium axle that is frequently lighter and stronger than the OEM axle. The Kinetic Traxle is available in 3 sizes to accommodate the 3 standard thread pitches currently used in the industry. The trainer will also accommodate less common dropout widths that are often found on BMX, track, and tandem bikes. With their patented quick release mounting system, switching between bikes with wider or narrower dropouts has never been easier or more stable. The trainer frame is approved for use with tandem bikes with 145mm dropouts and both riders mounted. The Kinetic will also securely hold a track bike with dropouts as small as 90 mm. For wheels with an outside diameter less than 22", it is necessary to use the Small Wheel Adapter. The Small Wheel Adapter moves the resistance unit up 3" and allows the trainer to fit wheels with an outside diameter as small as 16".

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