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    • Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet 2020


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  • Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet

    The Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet is their most advanced mountain bike helmet to date. It's also the most versatile. FLEX Spherical + MIPS® protection and a removable chinbar offer incredible protection and comfort, perfect for the climbs and the gnarliest of downs.

    Easily adapted to take on any trail, from a tough technical climb to flowing singletrack to super steep and rocky chutes, the Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet can do it all. With two clicks the chinbar can be removed and stowed in a backpack, giving the extra airflow of an open face lid on the ride to the trailhead. When the downhill beckons clip it back on for full-face protection. Quick. Simple. Awesome. 

    When it comes to protection in the event of a crash, the Super Air R has a number of features to keep you safe and let you get up and keep riding. It starts with the Fusion In-Mould design, pioneered by Bell. A tough polycarbonate outer shell is bonded directly to a multi-density energy-absorbing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner, dissipating the forces involved when your head hits the dirt. Next comes the FLEX Spherical + MIPS® system. 

    FLEX Spherical + MIPS® ((Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

    The FLEX Spherical + MIPS® is the latest generation of slip-plane protection, designed to minimise the rotational forces placed on the head in the event of a crash. In doing so brain injuries are minimised. The FLEX Spherical + MIPS® has been created to address both high-speed and low-speed impacts while simultaneously dealing with rotational forces and at the same time it allows for better helmet ventilation too.

    What is MIPS?

    • MIPS is a Brain Protection System

    • Rotational motion can cause brain injuries

    • The low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact

    • MIPS adds protection

    Cool and Fresh When You're in the Flow

    When you're in the zone and flowing down trails you're going to build up a  sweat. However, fear not the Super Air R won't let you overheat. 18 vents and the Overbrow Ventilation work with the carefully designed inner airflow channel matrix to keep fresh, cooling air whooshing over your scalp. Sweat Guide padding draws moisture away from the skin for dry comfort while X-static padding, woven with silver fibres to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, ensure you'll never suffer an itchy-scalp after a great session of mountain biking. 


    • Fusion In-Mould Polycarbonate Shell
    • Progressive Layering
    • 18 helmet vents, 8 chin bar vents, 4 brow ports
    • Wraparound Chin Bar - 2-click removable
    • GoggleGuide™ Adjustable Visor
    • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
    • Sweat Guide padding
    • X-Static® Padding
    • FLEX Spherical + MIPS®

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    • Цвет: Fasthouse Black-White, Green Infared 20, Matte Gloss Black 20, Matte Gloss Red-Grey 20, Blue-Hi-Viz 20, Black Camo 20, Matte Gloss Grey 20
    • Размер: M, S, L
    • Пол: Унисекс
    • Возраст: Для взрослых
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