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    • Litelok CORE Plus 100 Bike Lock

  • Litelok CORE 100 Flexi-O Bike Lock

    The CORE 100 Flexi-O Bike Lock from Litelok is designed and engineered for the perfect balance of strength, durability, ease of use and wearable comfort. This flexible lock features 100cm length and is Sold Secure Diamond Bicycle rated, offering the maximum in bike security while being comfortable to wrap around your waist as you cycle from A to B.

    Litelok CORE is the go-to for riders looking for maximum security, when locking their ride for long periods of time or in high-risk areas. Litelok CORE exceeds Sold Secure Gold and achieves the highest rating of Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond.

    Durable and Reliable Bike Lock

    Litelok's Boaflexicore Plus secure strap withstands sustained attack with multiple layered protection including a plant-based polymer, steel exoskeleton and high tensile core joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body.

    The patented exoskeleton not only absorbs energy from attack and protects the tensile steel core within, but it also flexes in sync to retain maximum flexibility without compromising on security. 

    Strong and Lightweight High Security Rated Bike Lock

    When it comes to weight Litelok CORE is unparalleled in its security class and up to 50% lighter than most other high security locks. Weighing in at just 2.25kg, say goodbye to hauling heavy chains whilst riding.

    Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond Rated

    Litelok CORE is the go-to for riders looking for maximum security, when locking their ride for long periods of time or in high-risk areas. Insurance rated, independently tested and accredited to the highest level of Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and Motorcycle Gold.

    Comfortable Wearable Bike Lock

    Can be effortlessly worn whilst riding simply wrap your Litelok CORE around your hips and secure it with the universal kit designed to allow you to safely fasten around your body without it locking.

    Easy Click to Lock and Fast to Secure

    Litelok's integrated design and click to lock system make it easy and fast to secure your bike, without having to fiddle around. Simply click to close without the need for a key. A key is only required to unlock your bike.

    Innovative lock design enables two Litelok locks to be paired together in parallel for additional length or on separate wheels for extra security. Ideal for locking multiple bikes.


    • Ideal for high value bikes and E-bikes
    • Maximum security for long stays and high-risk areas
    • Flexibility and reach to secure through bike frame and fixed objects
    • Independently Accredited: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold and ART 3
    • Wearable Size (Trouser Size): 44"+
    • Length: 100cm
    • Weight: 2.25kg (4.9lb)

    Buy Litelok Accessories from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.


    • Цвет: Crow Black, Оранжевый
    • Размер: 100cm



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