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    • RapidRacerProducts ProGuard V2 Mini Front Mudguard

  • RapidRacerProducts ProGuard V2 Mini Front Mudguard

    The ProGuard V2 Mini Front Mudguard from RapidRacerProducts is a durable, stylish and low-profile front mudguard that's optimised for use with suspension forks. Plus, it's compatible with multiple wheel sizes with tyre sizes up to 3" tyres and feature integrated fork seal protectors.

    The ProGuard is an amazing new front mudguard from RapidRacerProducts that's designed for use with disc brake mountain bikes. Offering unmatched protection from mud and spray, it’s perfect for Trail, Enduro or Downhill racers and essential for the weekend warrior looking for the very best protection. This guard is engineered specifically to increase tyre clearance, improve fit, and reduce mud clogging issues seen with this type of mudguard. Plus, this mini option offers a very compact design for all year-round protection and unmatched levels of protection for a guard of this size.

    The ProGuard range of mudguards have a soft high gloss finish which is a characteristic of the highly polished mould and the special polypropylene mix, this unique mix has been specifically blended for:

    • Cold Weather Strength
    • High Impacts
    • High Flexibility
    • High Durability

    As a result of achieving the above properties it means that the surface layer is soft and will scratch easily, you must also be careful about putting any chemicals onto the surface as it may tarnish the finish. That said RapidRacerProducts have tested and can recommend the following chemicals to use:

    • Silicone: Spray high quality silicone onto surface and very gently remove with a clean cloth to maintain a high gloss finish and to stop dirt and water from sticking.
    • Bike Cleaner: Non caustic bike cleaners can be used on the ProGuard mudguard
    • GT85/WD40/Solvents: Only rub these on the surface if you want to remove the gloss and display a matte finish to match your bike.

    Optimal Front Cover Protection

    The front has been made longer than some of the offerings out there as RapidRacerProducts see this is an area that can significantly improve the protection of the face and eyes when riding at high speed. The turn down at the front deflects the spray downwards without clogging with mud which causes blockages.

    Convenient and Durable Snap-Off Hole Covers

    RapidRacerProducts have added hole covers that reduce the amount of mud that can get through unused holes. Once you have chosen which holes you want to use for fitting, you just use a screwdriver to push the cover out leaving it clear for the cable tie. The 24 holes allow you to fit the mudguard to every type of conventional fork including boost forks (except reverse arch), this allows you to customise your fit.

    Rear Flick Mud and Spray Protection

    The rear flick is designed to simply offer more protection without adding extra length, it prevents more mud and spray from flying up the side of the frame especially when the wheel is turned.

    Stylish and Easy to Use Sticker Recess

    The recess down the centre is a nice easy reference to apply coloured stickers to, but it has a more important job, this recess prevents the sticker having to sit proud on the surface of the guard making it vulnerable to durability and jet wash issues. The supertack glue used on the stickers is strong, although it’s fair to say that no sticker is able to withstand a sustained attack from a powerful jet wash, although the recess does prevent a direct hit.

    Suspension Fork Seal Shield

    RapidRacerProduct's widely acclaimed seal shield has made it to the proguard as a means of offering greater protection for your seals from high velocity mud and spray, the seal shield section also provides additional strength and rigidity to the rear reducing flex.

    Zip Ties Included for Simple and Secure Mounting

    Six cable ties are provided with each mudguard, the holes on the side arms are mandatory requiring four leaving the other two for the fork brace (although more could be added if desired).


    • Dimensions: 386mm long
    • Compatibility:
    • Wheels: 26”, 27.5”, 29”
    • Tyre Clearance: Up to a 3”
    • Forks: All forks including Boost forks (except reverse arch)
    • Fork Travel: Any travel
    • Weight: 85g (without cable ties)

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    • Цвет: Черный
    • Размер: 26"/27.5"/29"



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