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    • Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite Freedom 2.0 Helmet SS20

  • Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite Freedom 2.0 Helmet

    With its flashy graphics, you'll definitely catch the attention when you pull on your Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite Freedom 2.0 Helmet. But it's not just all show, it offers outstanding mountain bike performance too, packed with all the features you need to keep you protected should you hit the dirt. 

    As fellow mountain bikers, we understand that pushing your limits is part of the thrill of riding. Ride faster. Jump higher. Get gnarly. But when skill levels come up short, grip levels lessen and gravity gets you, then the fall can be hard. The D4 Composite Freedom 2.0 Helmet has been created to protect your head from injury so you can enjoy your ride, confident a crash won't end your mountain biking day early. 

    It starts with an aerospace-grade fibreglass shell, giving the D4 incredible strength and durability while keeping the overall weight low. This shell covers the EPS foam shock-absorbing core - if you hit your head it's this core that will absorb the forces and protect your head from the impact. Breakaway screws also ensure that the peak of your D4 is less likely to snag on the ground and thus saving your neck from injury too. Lastly, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) provides excellent brain-injury prevention - more on that below.

    Ventilation is also fabulously realised. The outer vents bring in fresh, cooling air and this is allowed to circulate easily thanks to carefully designed channels and integration with the headliner. It's like a turbo-charger for your head. Speaking of the liner, this is the XT2 washable design. Lesser helmets will use standard foam liners which after continued use can soon start to feel uncomfortable and even itchy. Not the XT2. This anti-bacterial liner ensures no nasty odours or itchiness, and being washable you'll be able to keep it fresh for every ride. Fresh, lightweight and cool mountain biking is now here for you to enjoy, even in a fully-featured full-face helmet.

    What is MIPS?

    Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a proven system that reduces the rotational forces on the brain when you're involved in a crash. The forces are absorbed and redirected to prevent them from being transmitted to the brain. 

    • MIPS is a Brain Protection System
    • Rotational motion can cause brain injuries
    • The low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact
    • MIPS adds protection


    • Aerospace fibreglass composite shell
    • Featuring MIPS Brain Protection System - a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head
    • Ventilation channels work in unison with the headliner to promote airflow through the helmet
    • Collarbone suspension system
    • Innovative break-away visor screws help reduce the likelihood snagging during a crash
      Quick Release XT2 3D cheek pads and X-Static/ XT2 washable liner create an optimized fit
    • Comes with a TLD drawstring helmet bag to help keep your helmet looking great
    • Weight - 1050g
    • CPSC 1203*, CE EN1078*, ASTM F1952 - DH, ASTM 2032 – BMX, *Varies by regional standards

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