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    • Колесо заднее шоссейное Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 2-Way Fit

  • Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 2-Way Fit Rear Wheel

    The new Shamal Ultra C17 2-Way Fit Rear Wheel continues the legendary performance this model has held for over 20 years. It’s the first top for many top-end competitive cyclists in all areas of the sport. This version pushes performance further thanks to the increase in design and technology Campagnolo is known for, which includes the perfect integration of being Tubeless Compatible. The tubeless setup makes the wheel inertia and rolling resistance much lower while increasing grip and traction significantly; this is the future of road racing.

    Optimised Rim Profile

    This version of the Shamal Ultra features the new C17 rim profile to ensure a better rim to tyre interface, which in turn improves performance. This performance boost is especially noticeable when using 25 and 28c road tyres - the modern standard. To maintain this wheel exceptional reactivity and momentum it has been equipped with USB Ceramic, sealed cartridge bearing, which although reducing weight, also greatly improve rolling performance and smoothness. Ceramic ball bearings have a high corrosion resistance, meaning wheel maintenance is rarely required.

    Podium Proven Performance

    This wheel features the Campagnolo iconic, performance enhancing Mega-G3 spoke lacing pattern. This spoke pattern improves energy between the rider and the road, which reduces stresses on the drive side (right side) of the wheel while increasing the rigidity of the wheel overall at the same time. This significant performance enhancement is achieved by the drive side of the rear wheels having twice as many spokes as the non-drive side (left side).

    Hand Built and Fine-Tuned

    Campagnolo wheels are hand built entirely by specialist Campagnolo wheel builders and are fine-tuned and checked precisely with electronic tools. The ensures that every wheel delivers the high-performance output that Campagnolo wheels are known for.


    • Material: Rim: Aluminium; Hub: Carbon, Aluminium
    • Rim Internal Width: 17mm
    • Rim External Width: 22mm
    • Rim Profile: Differentiated, 27/30mm
    • Hub Spacing: 130mm
    • Spoke Count: 21
    • Spoke Lacing: G3
    • Bearings: USB, Cup and Cone

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    • Цвет: Черный
    • Размер Колеса: 700c
    • Опция: Campagnolo, Shimano
    • Скорость: 10/11 скоростей



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