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    • Обод Sun Ringle Envy

  • Sun Ringle Envy BMX Rim

    This Sun Ringle Envy BMX Rim is a race-ready, robust, and durable rim that will compliment a custom-build. Front and rear specific - the Envy BMX rim is light at only 395 grams for the front rim and 392 grams for the rear - but strong and durable to cope with landing plenty of sweet air time, grinding rails, and taking more punishment than you can dish out.

    The Sun Ringle Envy rim depth is 28.5mm to provide a stable base for maximum handling control and has been drilled for 36 holes. Pair this Envy rim with a smooth hub and strong spokes and there's no doubt that you'll be cruising on a bombproof wheelset.


    • Front and Rear Specific: Yes
    • Spoke Count: 36h
    • Rim Joint: Welded
    • Rim Width: 28.5mm
    • Weight: 395g (front); 392g (rear)


    • Welding: The welding method is used on all levels of rims from OEM high volume rims to high quality after market rims. The method typically used is called a “flash-butt process”. The process is done in a large welder that grips the ends of the rim in clamps to hold and guide the rim during welding. The rim blank is rolled and cut with extra length circumferentially. The rim is clamped in the welder dies with the ends of the rim protruding about ¼" from the die on each side. The welder then starts the “flash” part of the weld cycle. It passes very high amperage current through the clamp dies while slowly moving one die to bring the ends of the rim together. The current creates an arc between the ends of the rim, burning off the extra metal allowed in the cutting of the rim blank while heating the ends of the rim. After a precisely controlled flash time, the current is turned off and the “butt” part of the weld cycle is initiated. This consists of rapidly forcing the heated ends of the rim together with great force to complete the joint. There is weld flash left around the weld that is removed to smooth the joint and blend it in to the extrusion shape.

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    • Цвет: Черный
    • Размер: 36 отверстий
    • Размер Колеса: 20"
    • Опция: Перед
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