• Northwave Extreme RR Road Shoes 2018

  • Northwave Extreme RR Road Shoes

    These Extreme RR Road Shoes from Northwave have Ultralight Carbon 15 soles made of 100% unidirectional carbon with a stiffness index of 15.0 making these Northwave's best performing soles ever.

    They are NW Speedplay adapter compatible providing the lowest stack height between feet and pedals.

    These shoes are made from Northwave's Xframe® patented construction and ultralight next generation materials that are only 0.5mm thick, so the uppers transfer every watt of power and provide the snuggest even fit with no pressure points.

    The integrated heel system contains directional fibre to prevent any slipping while the SLW2 dial provides step-by-step and full release in a single button.


    • Ultralight Carbon 15 sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon
    • Stiffness index: 15.0
    • NW Speedplay adapter compatible
    • X-frame® patented construction and Ultralight next generation materials
    • SLW2 dial
    • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre
    • Includes two footbeds with a stiffened dualdensity design - Standard volume and high volume, which features an extra 2mm toe insert for narrow feet
    • Weight: 220g


    Ultralight Carbon 15 Sole: Reinforced layer to the Ultralight Carbon 14 sole to make it even stiffer and create the best-performing Northwave sole ever. They've kept all the features that made it the favourite with their Pro riders: minimum thickness and unmatched lightness. A special adaptor makes it compatible with Speedplay pedals, while the Airflow system with seven vents improves the flow of air in and out of the shoe.

    Speedplay Adaptor: The shortest distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave developed and patented, in collaboration with Speedplay, an exclusive adaptor that provides maximum power transmission on pedals, thanks to the reduced thickness of just 0.5mm rather than the 3mm of traditional Speedplay adaptors. Made of nylon with a thin aluminium plate (saving 8.5g), it allows respect of the natural anatomy of the sole, keeping the distance minimised between the foot and the pedal in any position without adding bulk and weight.

    SLW2 Closing System: The micrometric system SLW2 (Speed Lace Winch) represents the evolution of the closure system and provides maximum precision and modularity. The innovative step by step closure means you can tighten and enlarge the fit in a few moments.

    The side button provides a dual function: by pressing, it features a micrometric release and lifting it allows a complete and immediate opening of the shoe. The dial has been completely redesigned in size and weight, resulting in being significantly lighter and thinner. The external covering of soft touch material also makes the grip more effective.

    The ergonomic shape of the SLW2 ratchet follows the anatomy of the foot to make it comfortable. The SLW2 ratchet is easily replaceable. The cables come from the best technology derived from the world of sailing.

    Integrated Heel System: The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed integrating an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements; this gives you the same efficiency but reduced weight.

    X-Frame® Construction: Northwave's X-Frame® is an innovative design and totally unique. It combines next-generation materials only 0.5mm thick and ultra-soft for exceptional comfort with a structure featuring 360° reinforcements along the length of the foot that connects the sole to the laces via the upper.

    The result: a snug fit and perfectly balanced closure that pulls evenly around the entire foot from toe to instep. Kudos goes to the innovative route taken by the cable through special tapes: it passes through a complex system of angles and geometric precision made possible purely by relentless testing on countless prototypes. The SLW2 dial closure system works with the X-Frame design, replacing plastic inserts with soft tapes, while the soft, flexible Dyneema cable naturally conforms to the shape of each foot.

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