• Trigger Point Foot & Lower Leg Kit

  • Trigger Point Foot & Lower Leg Kit

    The Foot & Lower Leg Kit targets lower leg problems that can negatively affect the foot — your body’s foundation. This kit features Trigger Point Performance™ self-massage tools and instructional DVDs that systematically guide you through our revolutionary Myofascial Compression™ Techniques methodology to address lower leg muscles that control the foot. The stronger your body’s foundation, the more positive a response it will yield as a whole. This kit is able to impact foot and lower leg issues without the use of harmful medications, painful injections, or expensive foot ware.

    Whether you’re a runner, walker, or cyclist seeking improved performance, or you simply want the benefits of a great massage in the comfort of your own home, the Foot and Lower Leg Kit is for you. This kit provides the highly effective deep tissue massage tools you need to safely manipulate the muscles in the lower leg and foot. The Foot and Lower Leg Kit is the package we recommend for anyone experiencing aches and pains in areas such as the: plantar fascia, heel, achilles tendon, arch, calf, shins, soleus, and metatarsals. This kit includes materials that will guide you through understanding and implementing simple steps to address some of the most common issues for the foot and lower leg.


    Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD

    The Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD provides simple, home-based instruction on using Trigger Point®’s highly effective tools to massage away aches and pains in the foot and lower leg. The How-To Session includes detailed instructions for performing Myofascial Compression™ Techniques programming on the soleus, soleus-calf junction, peroneus, and anterior tibialis. The Class Session is an easy-to-follow guide to incorporating the techniques into a regular routine for healthy foot movement.

    Body Biomechanics: Foot and Lower Leg DVD

    The Body Biomechanics: Foot and Lower Leg DVD takes you through all of the education Trigger Point® experts provide to people experiencing discomfort in the foot and lower leg. You’ll learn what your body goes through on a daily basis and the affect on body biomechanics. You’ll also get pointers on hydration, icing, stretching, and other practices that can help you achieve efficient, comfortable movement.

    Included in Kit:

    Massage Components:

    • TP FootBaller™ & Baller Block™
    • 2 Massage Balls


    • Dual DVD Set:
      • Disc 1 – Performance Therapy for Foot & Lower Leg DVD
      • Disc 2 – Body Biomechanics: Foot and Lower Leg DVD

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